“I do not want—damn it!” The girl gritted her teeth furiously and sounded as violent as ever. She dropped her body suddenly, aiming her neck for the dagger.

“What the—”

Pallan was taken aback by her unexpected behavior. She took advantage of this opportunity and forcefully curled up her tail, hooking onto the arm that held the knife to pull it away from her. A bright red mark of blood appeared on her neck. However, she was free now—she jumped up powerfully, flying towards two men who stood in front of Lazer. The two men were trapped in the narrow staircase and had nowhere to go.

She had no weapons and did not need any.

She used the force of the fall to propel her and kicked the human closest to her with her sharp claws, causing him to fall to the ground. Squatting, she arched her back and flung her long, slender tail upwards like a whip, hitting the struggling man’s face.

The attack immediately dizzied the man but also caused her tremendous pain as her tail was markedly sensitive. Despite tears welling up in her eyes, she dared not close them. She struggled to get up and rushed towards the second man, engaging in close-quarters combat with him as the two tried to push each other down the stairs.

She was certain that Pallan was running towards her even though she did look back to confirm it; she could feel Pallan’s murderous intention with her keen senses. Petrified, she used her rage to stop her body from shaking. She did not know where the anger came from–Was it because of Lazer, the throne war, or the infinite loneliness that she felt?

She had been an orphan, a beggar, and a killer. In fact, she even served as a member of the royal family. Nonetheless, the more she learned, the more she felt small and ignorant. She did not know how to get rid of the shackles that made her feel powerless. All she could do was to continue to repeatedly yell—

“Do not die! Lazer!” She screamed, as if to boost her morale. “Live!”

She made a sound that resembled a cry, and just when she was about to lose all her strength and be thrown off by the man, Lazer’s stiffened body finally moved again.

She saw the dagger that he almost used to pierce through his chest burying into the man’s back. The man let out a bitter groan and fell to the ground. Weakness also came to her body, causing her to drop to the ground.

Lazer was back.

Lazer stepped forward and moved past her. Pallan growled hatefully and tried to stab Lazer with his dagger. Concentrated, Lazer grabbed control of Pallan’s hand and elbowed him in the heart. The blow caused Pallan to lose his balance. Lazer did not let go of Pallan’s hand and continued to punch his chest and throat swiftly.

Pallan blocked the barrage of attacks with his other hand and raised his leg quickly to knee Lazer in the waist. Despite the pain, Lazer refused to let go. In fact, he continued to punch Pallan even harder in the jaw and bridge of his nose. Pallan stopped moving—the tears from his eyes had blurred his vision—and he shook his head from the dizziness.

The battle was finally over. Lazer took Pallan’s dagger and sprinted towards him, stabbing him in the eye with malice and all his might, for retribution. Then, Lazer left the dagger in Pallan’s eye and did not look at the twitching corpse on the ground.