“Hmph… sad, greedy bastard. You are no different from the lower-class citizens. Watch closely.” Shaen raised his faint eyebrows and turned his head to signal two of his guards in black to move forward; the two guards then carried forward a big box. As they opened the box, shining gold coins were revealed under the sun, causing the soldiers behind Shaquille to gasp in awe. With so much money flashing before their eyes, even the soldiers were unable to control themselves.

“I have to check the money myself,” Shaquille said, extending his neck and glancing at the money.

“You have seen enough. Do not move! Kill her first and you will have the money.”

“Do not be mad, I just need to take a look at it.”

“Do not bargain with me! Kill her!”

The girl wished to speak but was afraid of saying anything that would expose her identity, so she cried silently.

Shaquille heard her sobbing in his arms and sighed quietly.

However, his sigh did not last long.

“Sorry, seems like the Yamin family has won this time—” he said indifferently. His attachment to the girl over the last couple of days was now gone. He grabbed the scimitar and raised it up. He wrapped his arm around her tightly, intending to end her life in a swift and less painful manner.

She inhaled deeply and closed her eyes.

At that moment, a thick arrow flew behind Shaquille in the direction of his wrist. The arrow grazed only the surface of his scimitar. However, it was able to generate enough force to drive the scimitar away from the girl’s body. Shaquille cried out in surprise and quickly stabilized himself to prevent himself from letting the scimitar go.

“An ambush, a trap!” Shaquille’s subordinates yelled, pulling out their weapons to fight. Shaen’s facial expressions changed instantly, and he ran back to his guards before shouting, “That was too early! Which idiot was it?”

Another arrow sailed through the air, this time in the direction of Shaquille. Shaquille, ready for it now, swung the scimitar at the speeding arrow, cutting it in half. The girl in Shaquille’s arm screamed in fright. He pushed her violently to the side, making her fall before she realized what had happened.

“I see. You were never going to pay!” Shaquille roared and slashed at Shaen’s guards in black. A battle between the two families soon ensued, and the soldiers from both families swung scimitars at each other.

Shaen sneered and continued to move to the back, knocking over the box and making Shaquille see that only the surface was covered with gold coins; the rest were linens.

“I am losing money either way, so I better see you die. Otherwise, I will not be able to live with myself after being humiliated like this!”

“Really? So what incompetent soldiers, ones who were not even capable of breaking into the Juan family home, did you hire this time?” Shaquille swung his left hand; it landed on a lizard in black, breaking his sternum. “Let me tell you something; hiring these idiots is what is truly humiliating!” He laughed, his scimitar landing on the body of another lizard as he turned and swung.

Shaen continued to retreat under the protection of his guards. Unexpectedly, a third arrow flew. The arrow was not aimed at Shaquille this time; it struck the head of a guard dressed in black, causing blood to spill everywhere as he fell to the ground in front of Shaen.