“Why is she going to the lighthouse?”

“She is your master. You really should be asking her instead of asking me.”


“You do not believe me?”

“Whether I believe you or not is a subject for another day,” groaned Lazer disapprovingly. “If I let you go, you will get on a human ship and flee. Soon, you will be sheltered by the Kingdom of the Sun, after which it will be impossible for me to ask you questions.”

“I did not collude with the enemy!” Jharif panted, his breathing turbulent from restlessness.

“Old lizard, there are only two of us here. You need not lie,” said Lazer coldly. “I know who you smuggled in with your cargo ships and what they did with your help. I am very familiar with these people.”


“Let’s not talk about them. Let’s talk about you. If Diana is going to the lighthouse, where are you going?”

“Where else would I be going? I am going to the market to take care of my businesses,” replied the lizard.

“Ordering other people to do your dirty work for you so that you can have fun shopping at the port?”

“Cut the nonsense. Human, I am a member of the royal family. If you kill me right now, it will not be good for the Juan family,” Jharif gritted his teeth and beat the ground with his walking stick. “I own most of the port market and a considerable amount of assets. Have you ever thought about how much you would gain by killing me? I promise that it would not be as much as what you would gain by letting me live. Listen, if you kill me now…”

“That is a good reply,” said Lazer in a low and deep voice. “Because you were frank with your answer, I will be frank with mine. I do not care about the future of the Juan family. In fact, I do not care about anyone’s future here. Indulge in power and turn your kingdom upside down, by all means. Let your stupid desire consume you.”

“Yeah right, everyone has desire… Everything has a price… Tell me what you want in order for you to let me go.” Jharif looked at his trembling hands and secretly calculated the time and angle that he needed to fire out the hidden, poisonous weapon concealed inside his walking stick. He just had to put pressure on the walking stick for it to fire.

However, Lazer had already noticed Jharif’s true intention. Lazer slightly opened his mouth and smirked mockingly.

“Let me ask you a question. If you get it right, I will let you go,” said Lazer, grinning and poking Jharif lightly with the knife. “—Do you know that the girl is Diana’s double?”

“What?” Jharif’s fingertip stopped moving.

This brief pause gave Lazer the time to silently bury his knife into the lizard’s body. The kill was neat and precise, and the knife came out just as silently.

“Wrong answer.”

Lazer spoke casually and quickly turned to leave.

Right now, he only had one goal: go to the abandoned old lighthouse on the red, rocky cliff located at a distance. If Jharif was telling the truth, then that was the only place she could be.

He had no choice but to go.