The girl was taken aback. She did not expect Diana to come to this conclusion based on her answer.

“I mean, he has never said anything negative about the Juan family.”

“But he also has not indicated any loyalty, did he?” Diana put her hands on her waist and flicked her tail, facing away from the girl. “Not saying anything means that he has nothing to say.”

“Is that… so…”

“Do not forget about the problems with the first few bodyguards whom we hired. They either tried to assassinate us or wanted to use their crappy martial arts skills to scratch out a living. They were all up to no good. They could not even protect me, let alone teach you,” Diana suddenly turned her head and stared hard at the girl. “Stay vigilant. If Lazer cannot be trusted, you need to tell me immediately.”

“Uh… Yes, of course.”

Diana’s serious tone softened and she began to look calmer. “Are you going to Hassad’s class now? Go, do not be late.”

The girl got up, but turned her head again before opening the door. “Miss, do you want me to lower the number of classes that I attend?”

“What are you talking about? With that head of yours, you will not learn anything if you do not go to class."

“But if I am in class, you have to stay here in the room.”

“I get my freedom when you are back. Just a few hours a day is no big deal,” snorted Diana, shaking her hands without the gloves. “Also, I am more at ease in the room. Who wants to wear sultry gloves all day long?”

The girl shrunk her hand. Diana did not seem to care about her feelings as well. Diana walked in front of the girl, looked at her with her sharp eyes that resembled the girl’s, and extended her hands to raise the girl’s chin.

“These are events that we have no control over, deformed hand. The sooner that this war is over, the sooner that we can all be free—” Diana inhaled and drew her hand back, deliberately avoiding eye contact with the girl’s frightened eyes. “… Actually, we may still not have our freedom.”

She walked back to the window silently and stopped looking at No. 3.

The girl knew that there was nothing more to be said between them at this moment.

She pushed the door open and saw a short passage in front of her leading into Diana’s real room. Before closing the door, she took another look at Diana’s back. Diana leaned on the windowsill, stretching her bare hand to feel the wind and looking down at the continuous view of an oasis and sand dunes. The sunlight made her look like she was bathing in holy light, and her solemn face appeared even more unapproachable and lonely during this brief moment of freedom.

The view was beautiful and suffocating, yet the girl was the only one to witness it.

—For a moment, she felt that this was as close as she had ever been to Diana.