He pulled out his long sword, one of his few weapons that he did not need to conceal. “Run!”

She ran obediently. The black and fuzzy figures in the five paths of dust followed them quickly. Their faces were masked and were seen holding a spear or sword. They spread out after entering the desert tree area in an attempt to provide cover for themselves.

Her chest throbbed violently. She did not expect to see her true assassins for the first time here—Lazer has always handled these situations well. By contrast, all she could feel now was fear, and she was unable to do anything else.

True assassins do not speak loudly. Instead, they move silently and aim for the kill. The five lizard demihumans surrounded Lazer and the girl from the outside, swaying their tails along the ground to deliberately bring up dust in the air, blur their vision, and keep them at bay.

Lazer covered his mouth and nose with one hand and yelled “Hide behind my back!”

“Lazer?” She found her heart beating rapidly momentarily.

Lazer had already made his decision. He quickly cut to the right in the dust and came face-to-face with one of the lizard demihumans who attempted to initiate an attack. The sounds of swords clanking soon ensued. After two or three rounds, Lazer cut the lizard demihuman’s neck open, whose blood stained several desert trees. She cried in surprise and did not dare to look at the corpse on the ground. Her back leaned against Lazer’s.

“Get ready.”

Following Lazer’s instruction, the girl panickily reached for the hidden pocket in her clothes and tightly held the dagger—the dagger was made from special materials and contained a sharp blade that could easily injure lizard demihumans—she felt the shape of the dagger handle with her fingertips and awaited his instruction.

Two lizard demihumans who were holding a long sword charged at Lazer while the other two stayed put and kept their distances, waiting for the opportunity to throw their spears. Her palms were sweating so incessantly that she was barely able to hold the handle. Lazer did not give any orders but continued to fight with the two swordsmen in front of him.

The swordsmen were a little taller than Lazer but were losing because of Lazer’s fierce and precise counterattacks. Another attack from Lazer would have killed them. Just as Lazer cut off the throat of one swordsman, one of the spearholders threw his spear at the girl.

Lazer gritted his teeth and groaned, taking a step back to bump the girl away. The spear barely grazed the two. However, the remaining swordsman took advantage of this opportunity to slash at Lazer, splitting his scale armor into a crack. Lazer was barely able to gain his footing. Almost kneeling down on the ground, he yelled “No. 3!”

She drew her dagger.

She had never been so focused in her life. The sounds around her disappeared and hand movements slowed down in front of her. Her brain quickly analyzed the wind direction, she and the swordsman’s positions, and the angles between them. She threw the dagger hard at the swordsman, as she had practiced—the dagger flew past the kneeling Lazer and landed in the swordsman’s eye.

The swordsman dropped his weapon and covered his face with his hands, which were now stained with blood. The girl felt her heart beating madly from excitement and herself reveling in the joy of success. Lazer leapt and flashed the blade to chop off the palms and head of the lizard demihuman.