When the last of his comrades died in prison, Lazer’s spirit, which was on the verge of collapse, prompted him to take action.

—He must run away, avenge others’ deaths, kill, and be killed.

He broke into the hatchery for no reason—the whole incident was an accident—and saw a pile of lizard demihuman eggs. He was merely acting on instinct and did something that even he did not expect himself to do.

He killed the nannies and smashed all the eggs he could see. To ensure that all the eggs died, he smashed them with force. Lizard demihuman eggs are hard but can be broken easily. All he needed to do was smash them with conviction.

He knew what he was doing, and was eager to do it. However, whether he did it out of hatred, mercy, or as an outcry against the cruel world, he did not know. In fact, he did not want to know; he was afraid that the answer would be too much for him to bear.

No. 3 was that last egg.

When she broke out of the egg, her slimy big eyes quickly focused on Lazer. She blinked and made a hoarse sound, seemingly announcing her birth to the world. He was slightly surprised by the interruption, but quickly regained his composure and continued on with his cruel plan.

Even if she did not die in his hands, she would sooner or later die in the hands of others or in the hot environment. He was not afraid of killing her.

But when she struggled and refused to let go with her broken hand, holding onto him—the only person she saw—with all her might, he hesitated. Everything he did in front of her was a childish act. The will to survive completely broke him, touching the fragile emotions hidden deep inside his heart.

—Why is it so difficult to live well and with dignity, like a normal person?

Perhaps that was the only question that he wanted answered all along.

He grabbed the child and cried uncontrollably, completely letting go of his pain.

The child nestled in his arms, relying on the warmth of his chest to survive in the coldness of the world. From that moment on, he found a purpose, a reason to move forward, and a life that was more than just breathing.

So he returned to prison voluntarily and entered the Colosseum to clear his name as a murder and prisoner of war.

He tried to achieve illustrious military exploits like a normal person, tried socialize with others like a normal person, and tried to care about another… like a normal person.

When he returned from the battlefield, the girl had already been adopted by the Juan family. He did not know what happened to her during this time, but when the Juan couple approached him, he made up his mind not to leave her ever again. He wanted her to live a life better than his.


He deliberately belittled her ability in front of the Juan family head in order to delay the time that she had to play the role of Diana and face assassinations.

He tried to kill any possible assassins and spies to free her from danger.

He even threw hints at her repeatedly, asking her to leave the Juan family.

She had no idea what his motives were and thought that he did all of this for Diana—he did not mind this and did not intend to correct her—there were too many things in his past that he did not want her to know. If she was normal, she would not accept him for who he was. Therefore, he never expected that she understand him.

… But now, he did not understand her.

He was certain that she would run away from the Juan family with him even if he did not explain to her why. He did not expect her to be this cautious towards him.