After class had ended, the three parties exchanged goodbyes and the teacher left the classroom. Diana grabbed her gloves and stood up. The first thing she did was turn her head to look at Lazer.

“You are not going to kill her, right?” She asked, lowering her voice.

“For that, no,” replied Lazer. “You responded well.”

“That is reassuring,” said Diana, looking at her gloves once again. She complained, “Really, if it was not for ‘her’, I would not have to make so many gloves.”

“I think they look good on you.”

“I do not want your compliments.” She looked somewhat at a loss and squeezed her hands. “I am tired. Let’s go back to my room first."

“But the family head wants to have dinner with you.”

“I am tired.”


Diana squinted and opened the door before Lazer could catch up. “Do not make me repeat myself next time.” She flicked her long tail and strode towards the long corridor. Lazer scratched his head and followed after her.

They bypassed a wide hall and long corridor and walked deep into a building. Nonetheless, the closer they were to Diana’s bedroom, the more complicated the stairs and narrower the corridors appeared. It is possible that there were hidden doors and secret rooms here. Lazer only knew about one of the entrances to the bedroom. In fact, rumor has it that this house was built so long ago that even the Juan family head had not figured out the number of hidden doors there were.

They finally arrived at the end of the long corridor, and Diana stopped in front of her room. She gestured a signal before walking in.

Lazer knew what it meant, and waited patiently and obediently outside the door.

He leaned against the wall and waited there quietly for approximately dozens of minutes before the door finally opened again. “Diana” came out timidly, wearing the same clothes but giving off a completely different vibe. She was no longer dictatorial in temperament and looked confused and muddled. She was also seen rubbing her hands constantly.

“Miss… wanted me to have dinner with my parents.”

“Argh,” Lazer closed his eyes, irritated, “Stand up straight. You are Miss Diana now.”

“Yes, teacher,” she totally forgot about it and proceeded to fix her posture.

“Pay attention to how you address me.”

“Yes, Lazer.”

“What now?”

“Uh… go to the dining room?”

“Then what are you waiting for? You cannot have me walking in front of you.”

“Ah, right.”

—She still could not pass herself off as Diana in a manner that he desired.

Lazer was not at all satisfied with the reactions of the girl in front of him. If this was the “new strategy” that the Juan family head was talking about, then they would have a tough time fighting for the throne. Of all the families battling for the throne, the Juan family was not the strongest. In fact, they paled in comparison to the other families in terms of their wealth, territory, and military strength. Therefore, the Juan family could not fight for the throne the normal way, a conclusion that even Lazer agreed with.

They proposed to have their daughter Diana become a candidate for the throne, and found, luckily, a young girl who resembled Diana both in age and appearance. They immediately hired Lazer to be the young girl’s bodyguard “on the surface.” Beneath the surface, he was hired to be the girl’s martial arts instructor and train her into a shadow guard.

Lazer’s combat style had never been to win by brute force. As a human, he won by thinking things through, designing plots, or disguising as others. Although he rose to the rank of general, his combat style was more like that of an assassin. This was what made him unique, and the reason why it was difficult for him to maximize his strengths in actual combat. Therefore, the arrangement made by the Juan family head was truly a more suitable option for Lazer.

Unfortunately, this girl was far from being serviceable.

Lazer checked her out behind her. She had short silver hair, purple skin without too many scales, facial features more like humans than Diana did, a longer tail than Diana, and a leaner body as well. Nevertheless, these differences could all be fixed through clothing.

The first of the more complicated problems was her hand.

The girl’s left ring finger and pinky were severely deformed from birth. As a result, both her and Diana had to wear gloves and finger sleeves to conceal their hands.

The second problem, which was also the problem that made Lazer think that this plan was not going to work… was that he believed that the Juan family head noticed “it”.