“If you are still high on blood and think that the fight with the Haliph family head was unable to satisfy you, try me,” said Lazer, who had been standing silently beside the Juan family head. The way Laser was staring down from above was extremely provocative.

“It is none of your damn business, chameleon.”

“You took the first step forward.”


Lazer reached out and put his hand on his sword handle. He pushed the sword up lightly with his thumb, casting a dark light.

“Chameleons are highly territorial. If you move any closer, I will take that as a challenge.”

“Awesome. Why don’t you come down from there?” asked Shaquille. Although he was smiling, it was clear that he was unable to contain the intense anger within him and hide the murderous look on his face.

The girl witnessed Lazer’s responses and stood up boldly, giving Lazer a cold stare. “Lazer, the Suha family head is talking to me. Apologize to him for being rude.” Although it appeared that she was scolding him on the surface, the truth was that his intervention enabled her to calm down and act the way that she was supposed to act.

“Yes, miss,” said Lazer obediently. “I am sorry, sir. Chameleons are not only unsociable, but also bad tempered. I hope that I did not scare you.”


Shaquille was obviously not satisfied with Lazer’s response. Seeing this, the girl smiled and said aloud, “I am aware that everyone here has high expectations of me. Although I am not good at fighting and am far from being bold and powerful, we are living in changing times. As lizards, our strength should not just be used in battles, and victories should not just be determined by life and death.”

“Are you saying that I am outdated?” Shaquille smiled lightly.

“No, I am saying that there are more ways for us to apply our strength now.” The girl recalled the comments that the guests had made about Diana. “Lazer, hand me the sword.”


“Hand it to me.” The girl curled her finger, forcing Lazer to hand over her his sword while the rest let out a gasp of astonishment. Next, she held the sword by the handle and lifted it up using both of her hands. Then, she threw it at the Suha family head. The crowd let out a second gasp. The sword hit a roast lamb under his feet. “For example, you can choose to grab the sword and retaliate, or enjoy the meat that I have cut for you. Whether I win or not solely depends on your decision.” The girl smiled deeper and leaned forward even more. She sounded victorious despite being covered by the veil.

The Suha family head obviously could not pick up the sword in front of everyone and cut her in half–and because he was unable to do so, it confirmed that she was right. He looked down at the meal underneath him and remained silent for a while. He then grabbed the food and smiled in relief.

“—Okay. I accept your gift.”

“Thank you, sir. That makes us both winners.”

The lizard demihuman laughed happily.

Seeing how the atmosphere had improved, everyone immediately raised their hands and cheered.

“One more! I want to eat the meat cut by miss too!”

“Please use my knife this time, Diana!”

The girl returned to her seat with a chuckle, and heard a sound of relief from the Juan couple. At that moment, confidence and joy occupied her thoughts. Although nobody cared, she was filled with a sense of accomplishment as she had successfully protected Diana’s image. Soon after, she found an opportunity to leave her seat and was escorted by Lazer. Even the way he was looking at her made her proud.