Lazer was at a clear disadvantage after the first few rounds. The three humans switched their positions tacitly, changing and moving based on how Lazer moved. Soon, one of the men landed an attack on Lazer, causing Lazer to lose his balance. Then, a man attempted to stab Lazer in the head with a dagger; Lazer barely avoided it. Meanwhile, the other two men continued to attack and successfully wounded his waist and shoulder.

Although the wounds were superficial, they, together with the three men’s relentless attacks, caused Lazer to be drenched in sweat and instinctively think about retreating.

“Forget about this battle; survive and come back stronger next time.”

This is what he always told himself when he was unable to win a battle. However… this was not the case this time. Additionally, the girl’s screams were making him lose his ability to think rationally.

He could not back down this time, and he did not want to back down anymore.

He recalled the fight against Shaquille, remembering how Shaquille was able to defend himself from Lazer’s attacks based on his instincts and even with his eyes closed. Lazer knew how to do it too but never tried it. Maybe now was the time—After all, if the girl died, life would lose its meaning—he no longer paid attention to the enemies’ movements. Instead, he concentrated, waiting for the moment that they tried to attack.

He emptied his mind.

He could feel the subtle changes in airflow, which revealed the enemies’ movements—then, he instinctively folded his hands, successfully catching the arm of an enemy who tried to stab him. Lazer knocked away the weapon with the back of his hand and turned around to bring the enemy to the ground. Lazer did not let go of the enemy’s twisted arm and applied force to it, snapping it.

“Ahh!” The man on the ground wailed.

Lazer never relied on physical instincts; he used risky and calculated moves. Therefore, he was in awe when his new mode of attacking was successful. So this is how lizards feel when they fight? Lazer felt as if he could put his thoughts aside and not even have to look at his enemies to know how to respond to their attacks.

He looked at the last two remaining humans and suddenly realized that their sword attacks no longer bothered him. He easily dismantled their attempts to injure him and ruthlessly retaliated, aiming for their most vulnerable body parts each and every time. Like Shaquille, the excitement in Lazer’s body was overflowing. He enjoyed the warm blood of his enemies on his hands and how their lives vanished at his fingertips.

Just once—

He decided to let himself become a monster again.

He stepped on the dead bodies as he walked into the lighthouse and rushed to the spiral staircase leading to the top. Several humans, waiting for Lazer and lying in ambush, moved out from different corners like black shadows, blocking the narrow staircase.

Seven or eight enemies it seemed… Lazer had no time to count how many there were. Hidden weapons were useless in a narrow space like this. He tried to forget the fatigue and pain that had accumulated in his body and used the last ounce of his strength to fight. He concentrated. The weapon in his hand began to float; everything felt surreal.

Exhaustion. I wish to live, and yet I do not.

That is what he told himself. He wielded his sword to puncture his enemy’s chest, only to hear the sound of an eggshell cracking. The warm and soft mucus in his hands gradually turned cold. Everything seemed so easy; just follow the dark side of his heart.

Calculations, rationality, and understanding were no longer necessary.

The life in front of him groaned weakly and made one last cry before disappearing into the air. Lazer paid no attention to it and quickly moved on to the next egg.

Remove anything that stood in his way, as simple as that. Maybe this way his destiny–born into this world to bring destruction… He needed not worry about anything else but to create death…