“Lazer Bernard, you really are a cancer to be exterminated… I can finally see why there is no place for you!”

Shaquille covered the wound in his abdomen with his hand. The wound seemed too small to have much of an effect on him, as it was clear that he could continue to fight.

Lazer’s face was sullen and he felt rather anxious. All the hidden weapons that he could use to limit Shaquille had been used up for the time being. Yet, Shaquille showed no signs of fatigue. In fact, every wound seemed to make him even stronger.

The Desert Kingdom was built on blood. Thus, Lazer could understand Shaquille’s hatred and his sense of superiority in combat.

But Lazer felt that Shaquille meant more than that.

Before Lazer could ask Shaquille what was on his mind, a shadow came down from an aqua tree, landing straight on Shaquille.

The girl, now in rough shape, opened her hands and pressed her body tightly against Shaquille’s, grabbing his thick neck with her hands. “Teacher, I got him—ah,” before she could finish her sentence, she was pushed away by Shaquille. She rolled to the side. Surprised, Lazer tried to run to her, but she quickly got up and was once again in her fighting stance. “I… I’m fine!”

“Why you—” Shaquille opened his eyes in surprise and found himself surrounded by Lazer and No. 3. Meanwhile, all of Shaquille’s lizard soldiers were knocked down on the sand nearby. “Damn it. What have you done?”

“They will not be fighting anymore. I broke Raha and Handra’s wrists and poked Abu’s eyes out. As for Yadis…” said the girl, panting.

“How do you know their names?” Shaquille asked in amazement.

“I have been studying your soldiers’ fighting habits and weaknesses all along,” she noted, nodding. She frowned and looked at the soldiers with hesitation. “I also know that you are accustomed to looking to the left right after swinging your scimitar.”

Lazer did not speak but gave a faint smile.

“Damn it… What on earth is going on? Are you really not Diana?” Shaquille gritted his teeth and had a sinister look on his face.

She took a deep breath, bent down, and raised her weapon. Next, she responded to his question—or tried to—in a calm manner. “That is not important.”

“You are right. I will find that out after I kill the both of you!” Depressed, Shaquille dropped his scimitar and opened his hands, showing his sharp claws.

She quickly got behind Shaquille to limit his movements. Unfortunately, he reacted much quicker than she expected. He swung his thick tail at her; she dodged the attack but was hit by his follow-up kick. Despite extending her hands, she was unable to block the kick in time. The force of the kick created severe pain on her body and caused her to fall heavily on the ground. Due to the kick, she was barely able to breathe or move.

Drenched in sweat, she was shocked by how powerful the kick was. She knew that Shaquille was no easy foe, but the kick alone was enough to drive away any fighting spirit she had.