The girl looked at where she and Pallan stood. It seemed to be the edge of the world. The old lighthouse, only six or seven adult lizard’s high, stood on the edge of the shore and was surrounded by a vast expanse of water. The sounds of the waves were terrifying to her. She did not like the sea and seldom got close to it. The balcony on the outer edge of the top of the lighthouse was covered by simple, crude railings. A strong breeze may blow her into the sea at any moment.

In addition to the vast and petrifying view was the man standing beside her, who also made her nervous.

They had been here for quite some time, and the time for her to return to the Juan family had almost passed. However, it was pointless to think about that now. Pallan did not hurt her any further. He merely asked her to stay there and said nothing more.

She clung to the railing, thinking about ways she could escape. Although Pallan did not tie her up, there were many humans guarding the lighthouse. She had nowhere to go.

“I hope Jharif is not dumb enough to leave the office now,” said Pallan finally as the sea breeze blew.

“What?” She came out of her trance.

“Nothing,” said Pallan as he continued to stare at the shore. Unlike the prosperous port, the shore here was not covered by anything. They could see anyone who tried to come to the lighthouse from afar.

“Can I… ask you a question?” she whispered.

Pallan glanced at her instead of answering her question. She continued, “You and Jharif kidnapped me twice… what for?”

“Your existence is very important,” he answered indifferently.

For some reason, she felt that his tone was somewhat similar to Lazer’s. She frowned in confusion and briefly thought about the five-year-long throne war. This was the only conclusion she could arrive at: the throne war seriously affected not only the Desert Kingdom, but also the Kingdom of the Sun. Therefore, it was not a surprise that the Kingdom of the Sun sent someone to interfere with the war.

“If that is the case, you should have told me what your requests were…”

“That will not be necessary,” he retorted unexpectedly. “I know fair well that you are not in a position to make decisions. Even Lazer is in more of a position to negotiate.”

The human’s reply hurt her even though he was talking about Diana.

Suddenly, she noticed a figure walking in the direction of the lighthouse. The familiar gait made her chest tighten.

Lazer approached the lighthouse and seemed to be completely unarmed. Pallan did not do anything as he watched Lazer quietly. He waited for Lazer to stop a few meters away from the lighthouse. Lazer’s eyes were vicious under the mask. He pursed his lips and looked at Pallan and the girl at the top.

She subconsciously avoided Lazer’s eyes. She did not want to see his facial expression at that moment.