He turned his head away. He could not understand why the girl was crying. Unlike herself, he had long forgotten what it was like to cry. Maybe those tears were a proof of her naivety. Maybe the day that she stopped crying would be the day that she finally realized the cruel ways of the world…

He lowered his head and stopped sullenly.

“…sob…?” The girl nearly ran into him. She saw him extending his hands towards her. She closed her eyes and sobbed, fearing that he would throw her over his shoulder again.

To her astonishment, his big hands stopped on her cheeks and raised her head.

“Let’s not cry anymore,” he said firmly as he wiped the tears off of her face with his cloak, his eyes gloomy and unveiling a sense of melancholy. Confused by this rare, gentle behavior, she looked at him, overcome with the feeling that she had seen such an expression in his eyes before.

“I do not get you,” she blurted out.

He stared at her carefully, his back facing the sun and his hands resting on her slightly cold face. Despite having such warm hands, he rarely touched her face with them, just like how his sad eyes betrayed his cold remarks.

“—I do not care.”

His statement was brash but filled with a sense of tenderness, confusing her even more.

Maybe she will never understand humans.