“I did not agree to it!” the girl shouted in embarrassment despite not knowing why she had to respond.

“It is okay, I slipped,” said Lazer, waving his hand and staring down at Shaquille. “You do not need to ask him who he was working for; it was Jharif. Before I killed the archers, they confessed everything.”

“Damn it!… cough… They were just mercenaries, how could they have known about Jharif?” said Shaquille quietly as he grabbed his stomach while Lazer pointed his sword at him.

“Unfortunately, Shaen has a big mouth and is full of grievances. After Jharif announced his decision to not participate in the throne war, he and you pretended to agree on the plan to assassinate Shaen while actually having something else in mind.”

“Hah… yes, but it is a pity that you will not get to know what it is… Chameleon,” said Shaquille, spitting weakly and forcing himself to smile proudly. “Disrupting the throne war is just the beginning, Jharif is has a much bigger… plan in mind…”

Lazer smiled coldly and rested the sword on Shaquille’s neck. “I will not get to know what it is? Wrong, the person who will die here is you. It is you who will not get to know what happens next.”

“Wait—” the girl interrupted. “What exactly do you and Jharif plan to do?”

Shaquille glanced at her and then at Lazer. He grinned and laughed.

“We have some important matters at the port—”

Lazer gritted his teeth and clicked his tongue softly. He slit Shaquille’s throat before he finished talking.

The girl cried out and grabbed Shaquille’s body, which had dropped to the ground. She was in shock.

“What are you doing?” Lazer growled. “Do not tell me that you have feelings for the enemy?”

“He was about to tell us a key piece of evidence!” she retorted anxiously. “Do you not care about that?”

He raised his eyebrows, reluctantly suppressing the unpleasant emotions he had for no reason and retracting his sword. “No, that information is not important. We already know that Jharif is the mastermind behind this, and that alone is enough. Leave the rest for the Juan family head to decide. Why are you still touching the corpse? Let’s go now.”

“How do you know that the information is not important? He did not even say what it was.” she said overbearingly.

“I knew what the information was even before he spoke because I was not held captive here. It allowed me to perform investigations and seek out intel,” he replied, tilting his head anxiously and waving his scabbard to signal her to leave. “The problem has been solved. There are no port conspiracies. You are safe.”

She looked at him uneasily and stood up. However, she did not move.

“So, the archers never mentioned Jharif, did they?” she asked quietly.

“…Of course not. They knew nothing about it.”

She was dumbfounded and speechless. As for Lazer, he snorted gently and looked disinterested.