After the meeting with the Juan couple, Lazer left the room. He noticed the security guards trying to take a peek at him without him noticing. All of them were hired security guards, but none of them could move in and out of the house as freely as him.

In the world of lizard demihumans, it was rare to find humans, let alone one who was given a job. Lazer Bernard was probably the only human who could rise to the rank of general. Naturally, being promoted to the position of royal guard caused suspicion among the lizard demihumans.

Although lizard demihumans adore power and are regularly seen saying “survival of the fittest,” Lazer escaped his slave status and got to where he was today because of various coincidences and opportunities. However, he was unable to escape their suspicion.

It was not his intention to befriend mercenaries or attendants; his only goal was to gain the Juan family’s trust.

This was why he always wore a lizard mask and skin. The goal was not to declare his loyalty to the lizard kingdom, but to avoid being questioned.


He passed through a corridor and saw a view of the sky from an open garden. This was when he realized that he had spent too much time reporting to the family head. He soon quickened his pace to arrive at one of the rooms.

This room was where Diana Juan Gomez, the daughter of the Juan family, studied. Except for gardening and embroidery classes, which take place in the garden, all the classes were held here. This room possessed relatively simple furnishings: besides exquisite carvings on the walls, the room contained mostly teaching aids, spinning wheels, and poetry collections.

Diana was found bending her legs and sitting in the middle of the classroom. Unlike humans, lizard demihumans do not normally sit in chairs. They generally sit on the floor or on the “soft sofas” that were their tails.

She was sewing a new pair of gloves with her teacher, and the two were having a great time chatting and laughing. Lazer’s sudden entrance startled Diana and caused her shoulders to tighten. Nevertheless, she quickly regained her composure and frowned slightly at Lazer for his rudeness.

“Sorry, I am late,” said Lazer, shrugging his shoulders and walking to a corner of the room to wait.

“Please have a seat. She will finish soon,” said the female lizard demihuman as she squinted her wrinkled eyes. She wore a plain long dress and her tail rolled gently along the ground.

“I would like to take my time,” retorted Diana, lowering her head and embellishing the gloves by putting the last gem on them. She narrowed her green eyes and seemed very focused. Next, the whole room fell silent and only sounds of Diana asking questions and her teacher answering them were heard sporadically. Half an hour later, the new gloves were completed

The new gloves, adorned with gold chains and broken gemstones to resemble a starry sky, were a pair of dark velvet gloves that were long enough to cover the wrists. The teacher gently praised Diana for her work while the latter repeatedly examined its details. The smile on Diana’s face showed that she was very satisfied.

“Diana has found a new passion in sewing gloves.”

The joy on Diana’s face disappeared. She looked rigid and quickly explained, “I recently ordered blue, pink, and black long skirts… On nights of the new moons, you can see the stars from the skirts. I want to make a few more gloves that match my dresses. Additionally, I think gloves look good on me.”

Her teacher nodded in agreement, “Yes. I understand that hobbies change over time. I can still remember that when I was twenty, I fell in love with lace knitting. However, by the time that I was 30, I became interested in making exotic rugs featuring patterns made up of large color blocks.”

“See?” said Diana, feeling justified.

Lazer listened silently to their conversation. He folded his hands and pretended to have fallen asleep out of boredom. Nonetheless, his hand was on a hidden weapon at all times.