Hassad calmed down a little. He adjusted his breathing and said the following, uncertain whether it would be granted, “I want to leave here unharmed.”

“That is not going to happen.”

“Lazer!” Diana screamed again. “I swear to Snake God, if something were to happen to me, you would—”

“Shut up!” Hassad interrupted her in anger, pressing the blade deeper and almost causing her to bleed. “You must make sure that I leave here unharmed, human, or I will definitely kill her—”

“You will not kill her now. If you did, there will be no way for you to get out of here alive. You did not come here to assassinate her, but to collect intelligence and sell it to the market, correct? You are of value only when you leave here alive. Nobody will care if you die at my hands.”

Hassad hissed and gradually fell silent.

“People are willing to pay a very high price… for intelligence on any family…”

“I figured as much, but what I really wanted to know was how you actually got here?” Lazer shook his hand and quietly moved one step closer to them. “Someone had to have shown you the way for you to get here so quickly.”

“Well, I… no, it was just a coincidence…” Hassad narrowed his eyes, and the force exerted by his hand began to weaken out of hesitation.

“Just a coincidence? Hassad, if you tell me the truth, I promise that we will spare your life.”

Hassad looked at Lazer with suspicion. He was unsure how legit Lazer’s promise was and whether the hostage in his arms was of any value. If he was holding the real Diana, Lazer should have been nervous and asked that he release her.

Was she the real Diana… or an imposter…?

Lazer saw Hassad’s struggling look and carefully observed the facial expressions of the lizard demihuman, who looked completely helpless. Maybe he did get here by coincidence and was forced to take Diana hostage.

If that was the case, then all he had to do was try to delay Hassad and wait for reinforcements to come—

“In the name of Snake God, I am not the real Diana! I am just a double, let me go!”

Clearly, Diana did not understand Lazer’s behavior. She quickly twisted her body and screamed, hoping that Hassad would let her go.

Surprisingly, the expression in Hassad’s eyes started to change. He appeared to go from being rational to nearing a collapse. He looked at Diana as if he was looking at something with no value—Lazer realized that he was running out of time and immediately pulled out from a hidden weapon from his back and threw it at Hassad, despite this attack being easy to dodge by lizard demihumans—sure enough, Hassad turned his head away and evaded the blade. Out of desperation, he violently cut open her throat.

Lazer rushed towards them and continued to throw his hidden weapons at Hassad to contain him. Concurrently, Lazer pulled out a dagger from his waist; the silver blade passed by her ear and landed on Hassad’s face. Blood stained one side of her body, but she had no time to respond as her body softened and collapsed to the ground

Lazer paid no more attention to the lizard demihuman lying on the ground and carefully caught her in his arms. He pressed his hand against her neck wound. She gasped weakly, staring at him with a grudge.

“I am sorry to have let him scare you, miss.”

“You let him hurt me…”

“I know. Fortunately, he was not smart enough, because the way he held the dagger initially would have really severed your artery. The blood vessels of lizard demihumans are deeper than those of humans. I taught him the way to kill humans, not lizard demihumans…”

“Shut up, Lazer!” she wailed with a cry.

“Yes, miss,” he turned his head and looked at the maid. “Come, hold her.”

The maid approached him unsuspectedly. He quickly picked up the blade and stabbed her. After she fell to the ground, he picked up the stunned Diana and entered her bedroom. No. 3 rushed out upon hearing Lazer’s secret signal, and stood still as she was scared speechless after seeing how he and Diana were covered in blood.

“Pretend to be miss and go to the family head to tell him that Hassad has been taken care of. Then find the head maid, who knows how to heal wounds, and get her to come here.”

No. 3 collected herself. “If ‘miss’ is not injured, how can I get the head maid to come here to treat her?”

“—Tell her that you need her to check the injury of the maid outside the door.”

He seemed to have figured out what to say already.