According to the tradition of the Desert Kingdom, candidates from royal families who express the wish to inherit the throne cannot withdraw from the competition. Before the next enthronement ceremony begins, the High Priest will help the last surviving candidate ascend to the throne, regardless of whether the candidate is a baby or an older adult.

During the throne war, all attacks are allowed. In other words, for Diana to survive, all the other candidates would have to die.

“We must hold a banquet and invite nobles and businessmen who support us to join,” said Carmelo immediately.

“This time, we plan to invite new allies to come.”

“It is important that Diana shows up for this banquet. Our allies will feel reassured if they see her in person.”

“Yes, even if she decides to just make an appearance.”

The couple’s ongoing conversation showed that they were clearly on the same page. Finally, they asked in unison, “So Lazer, do you think this girl is up to the challenge?”

The young girl shuddered and burst into cold sweat.

They were talking about her—for this grand occasion in which over a dozen families and forces would be attending, they were thinking about having her impersonate Diana—just the thought of her standing in front of the hall and speaking in front of everyone made her legs feel weak.

Lazer seemed to have expected this from the couple. He closed his eyes and he answered without hesitation.

“No, it is too early.”

The young girl found herself more devastated by Lazer’s reply.

“I see.”

The couple in front of her hung their heads and muttered. Their reactions scared her. Although she was adopted by the Juan family several years ago, and continued to receive various types of education, she had yet to be deemed serviceable for the most important battle that they were about to fight. What would the Juan family head do if she was proven to be useless?

“Please wait. I… I will work harder…” She wanted the opportunity to prove herself, but the couple in front of her stopped her from continuing further.

“This is an important event, we must avoid any mistakes at all costs,” said Carmelo as he shook his head.

“After all, we do not know what the guests in attendance have on their minds,” added Idnan.

“The people who wish to test you are not us—”

“But them.”

She bent down and was on her knees in a discouraged manner, and said “Thank you for your kind reminder, sir and madam, I will make myself useful shortly.”

The couple smiled. They did not refute her words, but they also did not show any signs of encouragement. Perhaps this was their way of putting pressure on her. After all, a lot could happen in half a year, and the battle for the throne waited for no one. The sooner the training was completed, the more sound Juan family’s strategy.

“Lazer, please keep a close watch on Diana. Although training her double is important, we cannot afford to make any mistakes in the upcoming banquet.”

“I will.”

“I will leave that to you, thanks. Ah, we were so preoccupied with talking that we forgot that there is still food on the table,” Idnan whispered, as if she only noticed that just now. “—No. 3.”

“Ah!” It had been so long since the young girl was addressed like this that it shocked her and prompted her to stand upright.

“I want to thank you for agreeing to come here and become Diana’s double. This is no easy task.”

The young girl opened her mouth and barely managed to utter a reply.

“You have been so kind to me and given me so much… Even sacrificing my life in return will not be enough. If the Juan family needs me, my life is yours.”

“It is a gift from the Snake God that the Juan family has a loyal servant like you. Just do your job and we will continue to provide for you without reserve.” Carmelo looked at her solemnly and gently and spoke in a serious tone. His facial expression made her bend down, feeling emotionally touched.