Lazer scanned all the corners of the room, checking for any possible details.

“I have gathered all of the attendants’ testimonies. All I learned was that the Haliph family head was still in critical condition after being bandaged. The courtiers were divided into two opposing sides. When my subordinates passed by the room, they heard them arguing.”

“Were they discussing… serving other families?”

“Possibly so. With the original Haliph family candidate being murdered and the family losing most of its power, it was natural for the people working for the family to consider better options.”

“Which family heads did these courtiers talk to during this period?”

“The Umay family head. Apparently, the courtiers only stayed there for five minutes, but I think that was enough time for him to bribe them.” The head maid tried to recall the testimonies of the other servants. “… They said that Jharif passed by the door to leave a cold remark before moving on, and that merchant Khaba passed by the door and proposed to offer them a large sum of money for funeral-related affairs. The last person to visit them was miss. Some said that she was heading for the kitchen but never showed up.”

“So nobody went in there to offer their condolences?”

“Why should they?” The head maid smiled in a rightfully-so manner. “He lost the throne war and then to the Suha family. He shouldn’t even be able to walk with his head up.”

“Speaking of the Suha family, nobody from the family showed up?”

“The courtiers seemed to have shown up, but the family head was at the banquet the whole time… Why did you ask about him specifically?”

Lazer looked at the carpet on the floor as well as the few blood stains that could not be removed. “I find him most suspicious.”

“Oh…” The head maid was surprised. “Do you think that he intentionally chose not to show up?”

“That was one of my reasonings. Another one was that he dared to openly challenge the Juan family head. To kidnap Diana, one requires a lot of courage in addition to the ability to think and act quickly.”

“Even if he has a good relationship with the head of the Juan family?”

“It apparently is not the best.”

The head maid blinked and looked at him up and down. “You are right. Even if today they were our only friends, the head of Suha may betray our family at any time.”

“I mean, it is the throne war we are talking about.”

“No, this is the way of the lizards…” The head maid let out a long sigh, her lips raised from a sense of sorrow. “Have I disappointed you by saying this?”

He raised his eyebrows and was on the alert. “Do I look like someone who cares about that kind of thing?”

“Why would you voluntarily become a soldier of this kingdom if there was nothing aspiring about it—Lazer, don’t be alarmed, I was merely having a friendly chat with you. If you do not wish to answer, please don’t. But you know, you being here brings a lot of attention to you.”

“I know that as a bodyguard of the throne candidate, my human identity has negatively affected the family head’s reputation. That was why those lizard demihumans wished to challenge him.”

“I am not talking about the family head. I am talking about our maids.” He stopped suddenly and looked at the head maid in amazement. She had a subtle smile on her face, as if she was watching an entertaining show. “Oh, so you are shy too.”