After listening to Lazer’s briefing, Carmelo fell into deep thought. He gazed at the scenery outside the flower window. By now, it was midnight, and everyone was getting ready for bed. The bodies of the invaders had been dealt with by mercenaries and did not cause too much disturbance in the family. The gossip and rumor that ensued had created a stir; however, preparation for the upcoming banquet continued.

“I will find another suitable training place for you. However… I am surprised. Not many families would be willing to cooperate with humans.”

“At least on the surface.” Idnan sat opposite to Carmelo, her body emitting the scent of common fig trees.

“Yes, this may not be a key proof of identity.”

“Lazer, did they say anything else?” asked Idnan, looking up.


Carmelo responded with dissatisfaction. He wanted to press further but changed his mind at the last second. “Well, forget it, I would imagine so. We must hold the banquet now, even more so than before, and it cannot be postponed.


“Lazer, I understand your concerns. However, someone is trying to weaken us before the banquet, and this is a warning from them. We cannot cancel the wedding.” The family head then changed the topic and asked, “By the way, how is No. 3 doing?”

“She is fine.”

“She successfully killed a lizard demihuman,” Idnan grinned, strangely proud of No. 3.

“Yes, because the other party did not expect seeing a double, so they underestimated her ability.”

“Still, she is making good progress quickly,” exclaimed Idnan.

There was a subtle change in Lazer’s facial expression, and he was forced to admit this in front of the family head. “Yeah, she is doing okay.”

“I appreciate how hard you are being on her, and hope that this is what she needs,” said Carmelo, standing up. “Now, our competitors are Andrew of the Juliano family, Cecilia of the Ghazi family, Shaen of the Yamin family, Wajed of the Yared family, and Chalachel of the Jahani family… Actually, is Chalachel still alive? I heard that he was attacked in his residence.”

“He is still alive. I heard that he had broken his leg and was seriously ill.”

“Then he is as good as dead,” Carmelo shook his head, barely squeezing out a sense of sympathy for his respectable opponent. “Of the guests who are attending the banquet, some are Chalachel’s former allies, I need to confirm their status. Lazer, pay more attention to Diana during this time.”

“Yes, sir.”

“—I meant the ‘real’ Diana.”

Lazer lowered his head even further and smiled, “Yes, I understand.”

Carmelo returned to his seat and smirked, as if he told a humorous joke. However, his eyes were difficult to read. Lazer did not know how much Carmelo really paid attention to; perhaps he was merely mimicking a play on words, as humans are accustomed to doing. Lazer stayed calm and collected.

“By the way, how is your injury? I see that you are only wearing cotton clothes tonight,” asked Idnan without a smile despite being surrounded by a pleasant atmosphere. She stared at Lazer’s clothes uncomfortably as if she was worried about his lack of protection.

“It is no big deal. Not exposing the injury to ventilation will only make it harder to heal.”

“I see… Then please do take good care of yourself,” nodded Idnan with a faint smile. She then signaled for him to leave.

Lazer exited the room respectfully. His chest hurt painfully, perhaps from the lack of rest since the injury. He caressed the bandaged wound. The injury was not serious. However, it may take some time for it to completely heal. He could feel the sense of superiority in Carmelo’s words. Lizard demihumans have thick, natural armor, something that humans can rival only by wearing artificial armor.

However, he did not mind what lizard demihumans thought.

If he has learned anything over the past 30+ years, it is that—

There is more than one way to stay alive.