“Hello, Mr. Lazer. It is bustling with noises outside.”

“The family head is exercising in the hall. I have just asked miss to go back to her room to rest, and have come back to find you,” Lazer closed the door, blocking the light outside. “Because you specifically asked Diana about the subject of kings, so I am curious as to what you really think about her answers.”

“I am very surprised that miss’ personal guard would come to me specifically to talk about this… It seems like you have a different view about this.”

Lazer shrugged and walked a few steps towards Hassad.

“Miss made some interesting arguments pertaining to being a queen, but she is somewhat naive.”

“What do you mean?”

“If a person does not care about how many sins he has committed, he will engage in all unethical behavior. Based on this logic, the king who emerges will be a person who destroys the world.”

“That is not something that a normal person would do.”

“A normal person does not want to become a king,” said Lazer, raising the corner of his mouth. “Besides, not everyone knows to reflect on their sins. What’s scarier is that they do not even think what they do are sinful acts. Without sins, there is no need to make up for them. Isn’t that right, Mr. Hassad?”

“… Is that question directed at me or yourself?” Hassad lowered his tail and moved it slowly against the ground, as he was on the alert.

Lazer laughed. “You have finally shown your true colors.”

“I was merely responding to your provocative words and actions. Goodbye.”

“It is too late to escape now, lizard demihuman. I was on to you a long time ago,” Lazer took a few more steps to arrive at Hassad’s side. “As for me, I am quite good at observing other people. Gestures, clothing, facial expressions, movements… When people are observing someone closely, they gaze at locations that ordinary people do not. When miss makes a certain movement, you always pay special attention.”

“No, that was because—”

“Give me those books,” he walked in front of the lizard demihuman and held out his hand.

Hassad subconsciously grabbed the books. “Which one do you want?””

“All of them. We have ample time to read them carefully. I hope you are not dumb enough to leave notes in them or have clipped something in them that you ought not have. As long as there is nothing incriminating in there, I will… let you go?”

Hassad hesitated for a while before handing over all of the teaching materials.

However, as soon as the books were handed to Lazer, Hassad reached out and flicked the papers and books all over Lazer’s face. Next, he jumped away at lightning speed and fled for the door.

Although Lazer had already expected this, he was still unable to keep up with the natural agility and reaction speeds of the lizard demihuman. Lazer gritted his teeth and kicked away the scattered books before pushing open the classroom door. Unfortunately, Hassad was nowhere to be found. Two maids outside the door who saw Lazer’s facial expression immediately pointed to the direction in which Hassad fled.

“He went inside the corridor!” The surprised maids leaned against the wall. “He was not heading for the gate, and he was moving fast—”

“Is the family head still in the hall?” yelled Lazer. “Go notify the family head to gather his mercenaries.”

“Yes… Yes!” They lifted up the corners of the skirts and ran, shouting through the hall as they passed.