Before the girl could interpret the meaning behind Lazer’s words, she saw him walking towards her.

Regardless of what his plans were, she felt that it was necessary to back away from him and take a defensive stance. She was not going to let him touch her again. The air around them was tense again.

“Hm, quick reactions.” He narrowed his eyes.

“Did you say those things on purpose?” She blushed and yelled, taking a few more steps back.

“Shhh. If you plan to stay away from me, this is not enough distance.”

“Stop right there—Before returning to the Juan family, please do not come near me any more.” She took a few more steps back, clutching her violently throbbing chest. “Why don’t you understand? I do not want to leave the Juan family, and I know my destiny—"

“I do not care what you think.”

“Do not care? What does that mean?” she roared, no longer speaking to him with caution and treating him as an enemy. “In that case, you are an enemy to me and the Juan family!” Her face showed a murderous look, causing him to pause for a few seconds.

He quickly made up his mind, as if her threat was not worth paying attention to. The look on his face was easy to decipher; she need not hear his response to understand the crazy decision that he had made.

She got chills down her back. Before she could react, he had moved even closer to her. He was so swift with his movement that she was unable to evade it. He reached for her neck; she soon realized that he wanted to knock her consciousness. She found it rather ironic that the moves that she had learned in class were to be used to defend against attacks like this.

She extended her arm to block his attack, which generated pain in her bones. Then, he squinted in a domineering manner and stopped aiming for her vital body parts. Instead, he attacked her torso—if she dared to resist his attacks, she would eventually succumb to pain—the meaning behind his attacks was clear: he intended to immobilize her.

“Lazer!” She was completely focused on defending his attacks. After all, she had never beaten him in previous battles. “Listen to me—!” She yelled. However, her yelling was in vain. He continued the onslaught.

He kicked her calf fiercely, causing her immense pain and making her want to squat down. She then remembered what he had once told her—never squat down because that position makes one completely vulnerable. Accordingly, she moved backwards instead of bending down, standing upright to avoid herself from kneeling. However, this was what he expected. Before she planted her feet, he pressed her shoulder hard, forcing her on the ground.

She whimpered with pain. He pressed his body on her, blocking the sunlight.

The eyes under his mask were more painful to bear than the injuries she sustained.

She put her weapon against her chest and used her fear as a source of courage. “Lazer, if you continue to attack me, I will kill myself,” she uttered, not daring to stop looking at his crazed eyes, her face turning red. “If you want me to leave Diana without saying goodbye, I will be forced to take responsibility for my own negligence.”