“What will Jharif do next…”

“He may do something, but it is of no concern to you. Just play your role as a double.” Lazer calmed down and looked into the distance, as if contemplating something. Suddenly, he said, “You did well. Perhaps I have nothing more to teach you, for now.”

“You are not going to teach me how to fight anymore?” She raised her ears, trying to deduce the true meaning behind his words.

“Being a shadow guard is about more than just fighting. As for what I am going to do, I still have some things that I need to find out.”

“Will the family allow this?”

“They will. I will convince them,” said Lazer without any positive emotions; he was not trying to show off the trust that the family had in him. By contrast, it seemed like Lazer was trying to dodge her question.

He reacted to the enemies’ blatant moves by doing the opposite, telling her that he would not be teaching her anymore. This was rather odd.

She lowered her head. She just received rare praise—and a huge one—from him, but she was not even elated. On the contrary, she sensed a storm coming. Although he seemed to have answered all her questions, his answers just made her even more confused.

—Obviously these questions were not the ones she should be asking. If she continued to circle around the topic of kidnapping, she would not be able to find out why he wanted her to leave the throne war. She must tackle it using a different approach to find out his true intentions.

“Teacher, I have another question.”

“What? Why do you have so many questions all of a sudden…”

“What would you plan to do if you and I were to leave the throne war and everything behind right now?”

He stopped.

He turned, no longer showing a mocking and indifferent attitude and looking truly surprised. He had looked the same way when he expressed his desire to take her away that night. Nevertheless, this time, his facial expressions were observed under the sun. This allowed her to see even subtler emotions.

“Are you playing with me?” he asked hoarsely, finally showing liveliness.

“I am not. I have already put everything that had happened that night behind me. I am trying to… come up with a new theory,” she said, gulping and trying to sound calm.

“—Damn it,” he uttered, covering his mouth quickly and turning his head away angrily, feeling guilty about cursing. “I… ah… I do not understand why you are asking me this. If you doubt me or distrust me, go ahead and do it. I am not going to change what I do because of this.”

“What you said makes no sense.”

“No. 3, it does have to make sense to you.”

“I am not No. 3.”

“And you are not Diana.”

“Why can’t I be? I can change my name. In fact, I can change my first and last names to those of Diana.”

“To me, you are who you are. Additionally, you do not really want to be called Diana.”

He knew. She shrank her shoulders in surprise. He had always known what she refused to admit. She used to think that it was him being attentive. However, now she felt fear—the fear of being “seen through” by someone she did not understand.