“Look up, Diana,” said Diana.


The girl looked up timidly. She immediately saw a shadow flash by; Diana had slapped her. Although Diana did it rather gently, it generated a particularly loud noise in the quiet room. The girl opened her eyes widely in surprise and breathed carefully, fearing any other movement would infuriate Diana.

“First of all, although my parents lent you my name, it does not mean that you are me,” said Diana coldly. “As my servant, your sympathy is uncalled for and downright insulting. About my complaints… you are too listen and forget about them immediately.”

“Yes, I am sorry,” said the girl as touched her cheek and looked at Diana’s reddened face, bewildered.

“I cannot believe that you took this to heart this whole time, like a damn fool… I will try to solve these problems myself. Taking care of the problems of the kingdom is my responsibility, not yours,” said Diana, crouching down and lifting the girl’s face, “Your responsibility is to protect my life and be my double. Do not think about anything else, do you understand?”

“… Yes, miss.”

“If you really do understand, then go find out what Lazer and Jharif are up to.”

“What?” she asked, making eye contact with Diana, bewildered.

“I grant you permission to investigate them,” said Diana slowly as she stared at the girl, ensuring that the girl heard it clearly. “If you of all people suspect Lazer, then I have no reason to overlook this. For tomorrow, and for one day only, I will ask the head maid to cover up for your absence. Just focus on proving your suspicions.”

“I… can travel freely?”

“Deformed hand, you really are stupid. I am ordering you to perform an investigation,” said Diana, seemingly irritated. “You are not the Juan family head’s servant, but mine. Neither my parents, the head maid, nor the human are your true masters! Do you understand?”

“—Understood.” The girl could feel the temperature rising in her chest as she became overwhelmed with joy.

Diana carefully observed the girl’s reactions, sighed, and left the girl behind her.

“Do not look at me like that, that only makes me hate myself even more.” Diana walked to the side of the window and generated subtle cracking sounds with her tail. Her white hair was shining under the moonlight, which revealed the irritation in her pronounced facial features. “I am no longer…a person who writes like that.”

However, her voice was muffled by the wind, and the girl did not hear Diana’s remark.