An alarm bell went off in the girl’s head, and she stepped forward to stop Carmelo while paying close attention to Lazer.

“Sir, there is something that I have to tell you…”

“What is it?”

“It is about Jharif,” she secretly glanced at Lazer to observe his reactions. When she noticed none, she continued, “I suspect that he has formed an alliance with another kingdom.”

The room fell silent, but the expressions on everybody’s faces indicated that they had different thoughts going on in their minds. Idnan was the first person to speak up. She turned around and gave a gloomy-looking Lazer a questionable look.


“… Based on my observations in the market, Jharif is most likely working with the Kingdom of the Sun by exporting products to the kingdom. He did this through an agent to prevent himself from having any direct economic and trade connections to the kingdom,” said a masked Lazer in a low, hoarse voice, shrugging. “Diana came to this ‘conclusion’ because Shaquille said that their eyes were on something far greater than the throne war.”

The girl nodded. “Yes, he is right—”

“That something is the post-war economy,” Lazer continued, interrupting the girl in a way she had not expected. “Jharif has always wanted to control the market, and has kept close contacts with the Merchant Association, knowing full well that whoever seizes control of the market after the throne war will be able to benefit the most. Because different throne candidates have different attitudes towards foreign trade, it is obvious that Jharif has chosen the candidate who he wanted to side with…”

“Yes. I agree. Jharif is indeed a dangerous enemy. However, because he has voluntarily withdrawn from the throne war, we cannot blatantly kill him without a valid reason,” said Carmelo, raising his lips. “In short, there is no need for us to sever our relationship with him as of this moment. Is this all you wish to say, Diana?”

The girl raised her head and quickly replied, “Additionally, at the port, Jharif has…”

“He has an office there that handles sea cargoes,” said Lazer, interrupting her once more. “Is that what you wished to say?”

“How… how did you know that?”

She broke out in a cold sweat and looked at him in amazement.

He had not mentioned this during their previous conversation.

She could feel that something was going on, seeing as he had disclosed little information before, choosing now to explain everything in detail. Nevertheless, she was unable to refute anything he had said.

“I went to ask the sailors at the port. Prior to our banquet, Shaquille had been in and out of the port numerous times, perhaps to have meetings with Jharif. Nevertheless, to use this as evidence connecting Jharif to the kidnapping is insufficient.” Lazer looked at the head of the family and lowered his head, raising the corner of his mouth calmly. “Do you have anything to add?”

This was not what she wanted to say, but Lazer’s statements were irrefutable and she had no evidence validating her suspicions.

She gulped and replied in a hoarse voice, “No, but…”

“Well, then let’s stop right here,” Idnan remarked, smiling again and apparently not interested in what the girl wanted to say.

The girl watched them leave in a perfunctory manner, feeling utterly disappointed and lost. Lazer’s words were reasonable but too meticulous, as if they were said to conceal his secrets. She wanted to warn the family about Lazer, but she was fully aware that at this point they trusted Lazer more than her.