Diana paused.

She swung her tail and fell into a long silence. To the eyes of the girl, Diana was just hiding her anger. Whatever the reason was, what Lazer did was a breach of the Juan family’s trust, so Diana’s rage was not unexpected.

However, when Diana started to walk again, she asked her a question that the girl did not expect.

“And you declined his request?”

“Of course I declined it!”

“Oh… but if you did not, you would not have to sacrifice your life for us anymore,” said Diana calmly, as if she was talking about some matter that was unrelated to her.

The girl lowered her head. She did not know how to explain her reasons to Diana but to say the following: “After thinking about this for a long time, I surmise that the only thing he is concerned about is his own survival… however, for me, the reason why I want to stay here is that I want to witness the promising future of our kingdom with my own two eyes.”

“The promising future of our kingdom?” asked Diana, raising her eyebrows suspiciously.

The girl knew that Diana could not understand it, so she knelt down, because if she did not, she would not be able to show Diana the respect that she had for her.

“I have read every article that you have written for your classes, and remember you urging the Desert Kingdom to pay more attention to the development of the people on the lower rungs of society. You also put forward many constructive ideas and even supported providing resources such as food and clothing for the poor so that they can maintain some sort of stability.”

Diana listened with a furrowed brow. These compliments made her uncomfortable.

“I did write those articles, but that was a long time ago. My parents have always thought that I am too naive and idealistic,” said Diana with a sense of embarrassment as she extended her hand to flick her hair.

“Nevertheless, I sincerely hope that you can lead this kingdom in such a manner,” said the girl as she lowered her eyes. Her hands were trembling faintly, perhaps because she had never confided in someone like this. “Although I am not bright, I do understand one thing regarding your expectations for and reflections on the future of the kingdom.”


“I was kidnapped by human traffickers when I was young. Although I eventually escaped, I lived the life of a beggar who could die in the street without anyone batting an eye. After becoming a bodyguard for the Juan family, I was finally able to contribute to the throne war and help you become a queen… If you were queen, you would definitely be able to save more children like me.”

Diana’s lilac skin flushed. “You speak too highly of me.”

“You have never shied away from your responsibilities,” said the girl before taking a deep breath to make herself sound more firm. “Although you are emotionally imprisoned, you never stop thinking about what this kingdom should be like. You never backed down. You would be the best possible queen.”

Diana continued to slap the carpet with her tail, avoiding the girl’s eyes.

“Do you always think about these things?”

“No, but I thought about them thoroughly after being kidnapped by Shaquille, and realized that this was what I wanted to do,” said the girl. “I know that many businessmen and members of the royal family would rather establish a good rapport with foreign kingdoms. They would go to the Great Northern Lands, East Alliance, and Kingdom of the Sun to pursue a better life; they do not care about whether the Desert Kingdom lives or dies.”

“That is completely normal. This kingdom is too fragile, and the weak usually perish via natural selection,” said Diana, raising the corner of her mouth with contempt. “In times of crisis, even mothers may eat their children to survive. I do not blame these people for desiring to leave the desert.”

“Many people say that the Juan family has secretly befriended the Kingdom of the Sun and that is why we hire so many humans.”

“That is complete slander. People are hired for their ability, regardless of whether they are humans or demihumans.”

“Yes… That is why I am grateful for being able to know you. I hope my answers have eliminated your doubts. I—have never thought of you as a mere pawn.”

Diana groaned and continued to look out the window. The night wind cooled the room. She crossed her arms, looking somewhat awkward with such rigid features.