Lazer and the girl left the port and went to the home of an unlicensed doctor who Lazer knew to treat their wounds. The unlicensed doctor seemed to be used to uninvited guests and quickly bandaged their wounds without asking any questions. Soon, Lazer’s wounds were treated using sutures and covered with herbs, whereas that on the girl’s neck was coated with an ointment.

“Okay, done. You two will be alright.”

The unlicensed doctor, an old lizard, squinted and looked at the girl who had been placed on a small bed by Lazer. The unlicensed doctor patted her on the shoulder and quickly lowered his head to pack up his medicinal cloth and bandages. Lazer and the girl stayed in a small room that resembled a bedroom and featured cabinets filled with various herbs and medical instruments. Each medical instrument served its purpose.

“Will it leave a scar?”

“No, rest assured that it will not.”

“Thanks,” Lazer leaned his back against the wall beside the small bed, seemingly relieved.

“It stings,” she said, touching the bandage on her neck uncomfortably.

“This is what herbs do. Do not be afraid, this herb is special; Lazer can attest to it, he is a regular customer of mine,” said the unlicensed doctor, grinning and ignoring Lazer’s accusing eyes. “If you are ready to go, take the back door. I have to go to the room next door to cook more herbs. Please do not come again.”

“We will try our best,” replied Lazer nonchalantly, causing the doctor to snort contemptuously in return.

Before leaving the room, he lit incense that gave off a floral scent that was mixed with the smell of natural medicine; it was incredibly relaxing. Lazer and the girl looked at the various parts of the room, and for a brief moment, had nothing to talk about… Or, they did not know where to start.

Occasionally, their eyes would meet.

Now, after they had both calmed down, they realized that what they had done before was absurd. They did not even do it out of their own volition; it was driven by pure emotion. Nevertheless, no one wanted to talk about it, which made the atmosphere awkward.

After a long silence, he broke it.

“I had planned to deal with this myself.”

“Deal with what?” She turned her head.

“Jharif and Pallan,” he said, sighing. “I created this mess and should have taken care of it myself. I did not expect Diana to make the first move and ask you to take on this dangerous mission.”

Was this the reason why he apologized? She thought about the question, not knowing the answer. She felt that there was something more in his apology.

“What problems did they have with you?” She took this opportunity to summon up the courage needed to ask him the question.

“Jharif was probably just an accomplice. I do not know him. As for the Kingdom of the Sun…”


He avoided her eyes and turned his head to stare at a medicinal jar on the cabinet.

“I once stabbed the king of the Kingdom of the Sun on the battlefield and successfully poisoned him. Although I was the only warrior who had ever successfully injured him, no lizard openly admitted this because I am a human.”

She gasped, unable to believe what she had just heard.

She knew that Lazer was relatively famous inside the kingdom, but did not expect that he had done such an astonishing deed.