“Miss, it is time to go,” Lazer reminded her while standing at the door.


She gritted her teeth and covered her face with a thin veil before walking out of the room gracefully.

—She had yet to answer the question he had asked her on that day.

She thought long and hard about whether to continue being Diana’s double, but was still unable to come to a conclusion. Lazer did not ask her about it anymore and continued to fulfill his regular duties, which confused her. Did he mean what he said on that day, or was it just a test of her loyalty…?

“What’s wrong?” He had noticed her gaze.


“There are many people in the hall today. We will circle around from the side of the prayer room and go directly to the main table.” He glanced at her, as if trying to ascertain that there were no flaws in her dress, and nodded in satisfaction. “Also, General Omar is sitting closest to the main table. He appeared to be drunk before arriving here. Next to him are Amir Gaza and his second wife, who are complaining about the alcohol.”

“… General Omar? He has always taken good care of me. I must go and talk to him,” she muttered to herself.

The head maid had spent countless days teaching the girl. In fact, they cancelled all regular classes so that the girl could memorize, in a short period of time, the identities of all the guests attending and the relationships they had with Diana. This was to prevent any potential accidents from happening.

Although Lazer’s statement seemed to be a friendly note, it was not. He was actually reminding the girl of the guests’ seats and their identities. She was aware of his true intention.

They arrived at the banquet and walked towards the high platform at the end of the hall when invited by the girl’s parents. She found a seat between them, whereas Lazer stepped back to the corner. The guests applauded appreciatively. It was fortunate that she was wearing a veil because they would have noticed her blushing.

Idnan touched the girl’s hands intimately and had a bright smile on her face. She got up and raised her glass to greet the guests. Although they had been eating for some time now, the golden plates were still filled with food; only the barbecue of a giant beast in the center seemed to decrease significantly in quantity.

The guests sat on the left and right sides and were lined up according to their social classes. The royal family members and rich businessmen wore plain but elegant clothes and sat on the gorgeous carpet with complex designs, making them stand out even more. The girl observed everyone quietly and matched their faces with their identities in her head. She quickly noticed that a few families were indifferent and even uninterested in her mother’s speech.

The girl carefully examined them and saw that their clothes as well as their courtiers’ were embroidered with roses featuring local characteristics. Their cold facial expressions stood out in the warm atmosphere. Maybe they were the new guests that the head maid had been talking about, that is, the Haliph family who wished to join the Juan family after the deaths of other family candidates.

“My child, it is your turn to speak,” said Idnan, who seemed to have finished her speech. The girl snapped out of her observation, and found that everyone became quiet, waiting for her to speak.