“Do not stop. Leave no one alive!” Lazer screamed, waking the girl from her excitement. She soon realized that the two spearholders were seemingly planning to retreat. Maybe they found out that she was not really Diana.

She immediately pursued the two remaining assassins. However, Lazer was faster than her and already picked up a spear and threw it at one of the lizard demihumans. Although he did not land his target, it slowed the lizard demihuman down, giving the girl a time to jump up and pull out her second dagger from the hidden pocket and stab the lizard demihuman.

The lizard demihuman opened his wide mouth, revealing his sharp teeth as he attempted to take a bite at the girl. Being considerably smaller than him, she grabbed the dagger out of desperation and thrust it into his mouth. His wailing made her tremble. When she came to her senses again, he was already dead and she was covered with his warm body fluid.

Although Lazer had always forced her to hunt down animals in the desert in order to get her accustomed to fighting and killing, this was the first time that she killed a fellow lizard demihuman. She breathed hard. In her mind, she did nothing wrong. However, her body argued otherwise and she started shaking uncontrollably.

Calm down—face your fear—

She put her hands on her chest, breathing heavily and desperately trying to recall the face of the family head and how their looked at her with pity. Tears welled up in her eyes. She tried not to feel the bloody smell filling up her nasal cavity but instead attempted to remember the smell of the balm in the room, the food on the tables, roses in the house, and perfume on Mrs. Idnan’s body.

This is all for the family head—and everything they have given me—

“—No. 3!”

Lazer’s cry made her scream.

She opened her eyes and realized that Lazer had his foot on the last lizard demihuman not far away. He stared at the lizard demihuman viciously and tossed the spear to her.

She caught the spear.

“How long will you sit on that corpse? Come here,” Lazer did not seem to notice the changes in the girl and focused on ensuring that the lizard demihuman under his feet would not get away. “I am going to interrogate him now. If he tries to run, stab him.”

“Stab him where…?” She approached Lazer rolling and crawling.

“Anywhere that will cause him pain,” snorted Lazer, increasing the force generated under his foot. “Let me introduce to you my apprentice. She has no experience in this area so will definitely cause you a lot of pain—if you are not a mute, you better tell us who sent you.”