Lazer read the blackmail.

Despite being short and written on ordinary paper, the blackmail was malicious. Lazer read the letter repeatedly in front of the family head, pretending to be lost in thought but really trying to keep himself composed.

He did not expect this. He had only left the girl for a few hours and now she had been kidnapped under the watch of the Juan family mercenaries. To him, this was utterly unacceptable. He reread the letter again and was disgusted by the high ransom that was demanded.

The family head and his wife had summoned Lazer. Although it appeared that they summoned him to censure him for his dereliction of duty, they were actually frantically and anxiously waiting for his response regarding the letter.

“What now, Lazer?”

“They do not know that they kidnapped the wrong person yet,” Lazer concluded, “We can take advantage of this.”

The Juan couple went into deep thought. Nevertheless, Lazer could tell that they were at a loss.

“Do you think that we should rescue the child?”

Lazer did not want to answer this question.

He knew what the Juan couple had in mind. To them, it might be for the best that the girl get killed by the kidnapper. That way, Diana could “resurrect” at the right time, after all the candidates had been killed.

“I think it is not as important to think about whether to save her than to find out who the kidnapper is… Also, everyone will be suspicious if they notice that we do not do anything about the blackmail. Let’s not show our hand too quickly.” Lazer tried to convince them using speech that they could accept.

Carmelo nodded in agreement. “But the money that they are asking for… is too much.”

—Is this another test in addition to the banquet? Lazer frowned as the thought vaguely crossed his mind.

“This is certainly a scam. They will not let her go even if they get the money! They will make sure that we do not have a chance to compete in the throne war!” Idnan interrupted, as if she had suddenly realized this.

“Forgive me for saying this, but if they wanted to do that, they would have just killed you that day. After all, you are the core of the Juan family.”

Although Carmelo was not thrilled to hear this, he understood what Lazer was hinting at. “Do you mean… that the kidnapper is not worried about pleasing any of the candidates to the throne?”

“Yes. I am afraid that they are using the rules of the throne war to play another game.”

“I seriously doubt that… If that is the case, we do not need to respond eagerly.” Carmelo raised the corner of his lips and swayed his tail gently. “This is different from assassinating the throne candidates in that there is no need for a second try if they fail the first time. In other words, this is a one-time thing.”

Lazer squeezed his palm tightly, trying not to make his facial expression look tense. “We cannot be sure of this.”

Carmelo seemed to disagree and continued pondering the issue.