After daybreak, Shaquille and his men took the girl to the location where the deal was to be made.

The scorching sun began to grow hotter as more time went by. There were no buildings in the surrounding; all that was left were sparse sand plants and a number of shriveled aqua tree fruits. The place was located away from the city and was halfway to the desert. The dry soil on the ground cracked, revealing weeds that grew resiliently within.

She wiped the ground with her foot, showing sudden compassion for the dying plants.

She had heard no more secret signals from the mercenaries. Although the surrounding aqua trees provided cover, she was not sure whether Lazer and others hid there.

“Seems like the Yamin family is not here yet,” said one of Shaquille’s lizard soldiers.

“Huh,” said Shaquille, rubbing his chin and looking up at the sky to confirm the time. “Well, let’s wait.”

He grabbed the girl. There were approximately six of them in the group, who stood closely together, all of them vigilantly observing every direction. Every single soldier was fierce and experienced. The girl lowered her head the whole time, and her hands, which were tied behind her back, trembled slightly. Shaquille saw all of her reactions and grabbed her shoulder, carelessly raising the corner of his lips.

“What’s wrong? You do not look like you are ready to die.”

She gasped in fright. “Shut up.”

“Oh, here they are,” he narrowed his eyes and sounded relaxed. However, after observing the people who came, his facial expressions subtly changed. “Oh my, who do we have here? The family head himself, along with his people.” He counted the people who were with the family head and said in a calm manner, “Nine, ten… Now this is interesting. This is not the number of people that we had agreed upon.”

A male lizard, the shortest of the group, stepped forward, leaving ten guards behind him. Contrary to the guards, who were wearing black leather clothing and carrying scimitars, this male lizard wore beautiful silks, satins, and a shawl. He held a gem-containing walking stick in his hand, the tapping of which could be heard as it hit the ground. He looked like someone with extraordinary social status. He showed no intention to greet Diana, nor was he afraid to show himself in front of her. In fact, he did not even look at her; instead, he stared at Shaquille angrily.

“I am not like the other families. I am not a coward who hides behind others and issues commands behind closed doors,” said Shaen, grinning and hitting the ground with his walking stick once more.

“I am sorry. It looks like I have scared you. But fret not, the person you are looking for is here and well.”

“I am not scared, you damn bastard. I am here to make sure that you do not bargain with me again!” Shaen finally looked at the girl. “She is still alive. What kind of game are you playing? Listen, ‘you guys’ have already fooled me once. I am not going to fall for it again!”

“Come on, I have not seen the money yet. Take it easy.” Shaquille pulled out his long knife and pressed it against the girl’s neck. Although he kept trying to please her before, he showed no hesitation resting the sword against her skin now. She was almost unable to breathe, and tears of fear ran uncontrollably down her face.