Lazer passed through the port. Although the peak hours when crew members transported and unloaded cargoes had passed, access control was still being implemented at the docks. He moved along the archways next to buildings. The buildings were old and featured complex designs, where new stairs and other archways were constantly built as add-ons, making it easy for one to get lost and creating many blind spots that nobody knew about.

Earlier today, he used the blind spots and uneven eaves to free himself from the person secretly following him. He had seen how the girl climbed up walls and dexterously and silently shuttled between roof beams. Although she was clumsy mentally, she was not physically. It could be said that he learned these moves from her.

Lazer followed Jharif to one corner of the port—of course, not in a normal way—he was hiding in the shadows, waiting for Jharif to leave his office, which was not far away. The old lizard, who was in a hurry, carried a walking stick and was not accompanied by any guard. This was rare. Lazer remembered himself asking for information earlier and learning that Jharif had hired human mercenaries at the port. Now, with the girl gone and no human mercenaries in sight, Lazer had a bad feeling.

He moved quickly and approached Jharif silently like a warm breeze. When Jharif entered the corner of an alley, Lazer appeared behind him and rested a cold knife against Jharif’s back.

“Wah…!” Jharif stiffened, gasping in surprise.

“Do not move, old lizard, your height makes you the perfect target. I do not even have to adjust the angle to stab you to death. It seems like that we will get along just fine,” said Lazer in a low, hoarse voice with an attitude that was difficult to decipher. He then dragged Jharif into the dark alley.

“You are doing a horrible job as a personal bodyguard… Instead of going after her, you went after me. Don’t you think that you got it backwards?”

“So you have seen Diana,” said Lazer indifferently.

“Of course I have. She went in the direction of the lighthouse. It is still not too late to catch her,” panted Jharif. Even with a knife pointing against his back, he tried to stay collected, and his mouth was still unforgiving.