Lazer seemed to have broken the bones of the last remaining lizard demihuman, who could not even summon up enough strength to raise his hands. He ground his sharp teeth and said coldly, “There are only so many candidates left. Take a guess.”

“No. 3, do it.”


“Did I not tell you to stab him anywhere that would cause him pain?”

She closed her eyes and stabbed randomly, and furrowed her brow when she heard the lizard demihuman’s cry.

“Awesome choice,” said Lazer, bending down amused and continued his threat. “So who is it? Cecilia? Andrew? Are you going to give me a name now?”


“No. 3, one more.”

She furrowed her brow even more and did what she was told.

However, they heard nothing except screams that eventually ended abruptly.

Lazer looked at the lizard demihuman with uncertainty, and said “he is dead.”

“Because of me?” The girl curled up.

“Only if you were able to penetrate his heart from his thigh using a spear. No, he had a broken tooth. He probably swallowed a tooth containing poison. Lazer continued to observe the corpse and said, “The spear was made in the desert, but his clothing was not. Some of his accessories came from humans, whereas a part of his leather armor came from the Kingdom of the Sun.”

“Are they war trophies?”

“Or they may have been his rewards.” Lazer left the corpse and looked at the girl. “You did well.”

“Thank… Thank you… but your injury…” She looked at Lazer’s chest tiredly, seeing the scale armor that had been cut open as well as his surface skin that had been wounded.

“I will take care of it,” he said as he raised the corner of his mouth in displeasure. He untied his cloak and noticed that she was still staring at him. “You—turn around or go wash your face. Do not stare at me.”

“Ah, yes sir.”

She turned her head, thinking about the corpses, the acts of killing, the cleaning of her body, and Lazer’s injury. Processing so much information concurrently almost caused her mind to stop functioning. She soon remembered what Lazer had just said to her, “You did well.”

She was carried away by an unfamiliar feeling that flew through her body. She opened aqua tree fruits of a desert tree and proceeded to wash the blood and dirt off her body. She noticed that her hand was still shaking slightly. However, it was not from the chain of events that had occurred, but from something else.

—He praised her?

—Over the past six months, he had never praised her for anything. But he did just now.