Lazer followed their leads. If he was not mistaken, Hassad had never been approved to go anywhere except the gate, the classroom, and the path leading from the gate to the classroom. He would have been killed if he tried to go anywhere else, unless he was able to find the side door or other exits. Although the side door and other exits were guarded, Hassad’s speed may have been too quick for the guards to respond properly.

However, the aforementioned assumption was based on the premise that he did not get lost in the building.

Was he running away blindly, or had he already studied the map of the building? The implications behind these two scenarios were completely different.

All things aside—Lazer must verify whether Diana was safe first.

Lazer’s eyes narrowed. He decided not to take the tortuous long corridor but the nearest hidden passage leading deep into the building, that is, leading to the doors of the family head and Diana’s private rooms. He closed the hidden door and walked a short distance before connecting to the long corridor used by maids. There was nothing abnormal going on outside the bedrooms, and only one maid who had just cleaned the bedrooms was seen at one of the doors. The place was extremely quiet except for the crowd’s commotion coming faintly from the hall.

“Have you seen anyone here?” he asked her in a deep voice.

“No,” the human maid looked at him and immediately stood up alertly. “Did someone break in?”

“Yes. He is slightly shorter than me and has relatively greener scales as well as traces of a broken tail. If you see him…Damn it,” Lazer was extending his hand to issue an order before turning his head and in shock of what he saw—Diana was standing on the other side of the long corridor, looking at them puzzled and without any maid accompanying her.

“Didn’t you say you were going to look for Hassad?”

“Miss, I clearly asked you not to leave your room… ” Lazer frowned and walked quickly towards her.

“I know, but I need to talk to my father about something. What is going on?”

“Hassad has sneaked into the house, you must—”

Before Lazer could finish his sentence, a shadow emerged quickly from a corner and grabbed Diana by her body. Hassad’s dagger rested on Diana’s neck, and Diana and the maid both exclaimed in surprise.

“Do not move,” said the figure behind Diana, the tip of the blade touching the space between the scales.

Lazer stopped.

“Drop your weapon, Hassad,” Lazer spread one of his hands forward, showing that he had no weapons in it. He then used his other hand to block the maid from advancing forward, signaling that she stay still. “You are just losing your cool and do not know what you are doing.”

“I know very well… what I am doing,” Hassad gritted his teeth and exhaled, blowing Diana’s hair away from her ear.

“No, you do not. If you stab her from that angle, it will only pierce her trachea. You should…” Lazer gestured expressionlessly, “—grab the dagger horizontally to ensure that you get her artery.”

“Lazer! You traitor!” The girl in Hassad’s arms screamed angrily. Hassad thought about Lazer’s instruction for a second, and did as instructed. The blade was now closer to Diana’s neck, and she could not help but inhale, with tears rolling down her eyes.

“So she really is an imposter?” Hassad grabbed the girl hesitantly and took a step back.

“There is only one Diana in the world,” Lazer raised the corner of his lip and answered Hassad’s question vaguely. “Now that you have calmed down, can we talk? What do you want?”