“Everyone said that William died in the palace at the time… but his return to the kingdom was very hasty and raised suspicion. I thought the assassination was just a rumor,” she said, recalling her impression of William.

“No, that was true. However, even if William Carlos had led the army on the battlefield, he still would have been an incompetent king,” said Lazer in a deliberately casual manner, hiding his hatred for William and the fact that he had never forgiven the kingdom for sending him to the battlefield. “After William died… he was succeeded by his younger brother until William’s daughter reached adulthood.”

“It is because of Theodore’s continued aggression towards us that made the relationship between our kingdoms so strained,” the girl instinctively regurgitated the knowledge she had learned in class.

“That cannot be further away from the truth. The former kings of the Desert Kingdom wanted wars as well,” said Lazer, shrugging and disapproving of her statement. “As for Theodore… he is also a lunatic who desires war. I know that the Kingdom of the Sun has always wanted to control the desert, but what I did not know was that one of its goals was to kill me.”

She sat lost in thought for some time. “Did he send people after you to avenge William’s death?”

“How could a cold-blooded king such as he want revenge? He is obviously doing it for show and to appease the public. Maybe William’s death was exactly what he wanted as it gave him a chance to be king.”

“So you already knew what Shaquille was after?”

“No, that was merely a suspicion. I did not confirm it until after my conversations with others after I defeated him.” Lazer paused. “Because… they seemed to think that you were an easier target, and that they could control me if they captured you.”

Her chest cringed and she gulped, feeling inexplicably anxious about what he had just said.

So he was thinking about her the whole time, while everyone else thought it was Diana who was on his mind? Because Shaquille could not find a chance to kill Lazer, he turned his attention to Diana and constantly tried to verify her relationship with him?

At this moment, all the questions that had been on her mind were finally answered.

If everything that Lazer had said was true, then his strange behavior could be explained.

His words were sincere; he really cared about her safety.

The only question that remained unanswered, and one that he did not want to answer no matter what was—

“Teacher, what is our….”

—What is the relationship between you and me?

She did not complete her question. Instead, she shook her head and reached out to him. She did not know why he cared so much about her. Although she was very curious, upon seeing his grieving and fragile look, her intuition told her that it had to be something unpleasant that had happened between them.

Accordingly, she raised the corner of her mouth helplessly.

“Teacher, I must apologize to you,” she said softly.


“I thought you were a spy…” She then noticed his awkward-looking facial expression and quickly changed her words. “I mean, I initially suspected that you were hiding something from us, but the truth was that you merely wanted to protect me and the Juan family. I finally get it now.”

His face turned gloomier. “You finally get it now?”

“From now on, I will believe you no matter what other people think,” she blushed and lowered her head. “I am sorry, and thank you for everything you have done for me.”