“The Jadae family had been around for 97 years until…”

“Wrong,” said Diana, narrowing her eyes. “The Mudar family is the family that has been around for 97 years. the Jadae family has been around for only 30 years since being crowned nobles. This is very basic knowledge; you must at least remember the power and background of each family. Try again…”

“Yes, sorry.”

Diana raised her head, looking discontent, “‘I’ rarely apologize.”

“Yes,” said the girl, stunned and immediately lowering her head, looking nervous.

“Are you still acting like ‘No. 3’ right now? It does not seem like you can just turn it on regularly,” said Diana, pursing her lips. She seemed to have slowly grasped the girl’s tendencies.

“You cannot have the mentality of trying to be like me when you are required to do so. You have to be me at all times. Your gaits are fine, and your mannerisms are starting to be like mine. However… your personality is not. If you do not have a confident facial expression at all times, I wonder if you will ever be able to impersonate me?”

“Confidence… I used to have it, but Lazer…” the girl murmured.

“So Lazer is the problem?” Diana’s eyes lit up.

“No—no, he did nothing wrong. It is my fault.”

“You are ‘me,’ treat him the same way I treat him.”

“But…he is my instructor… I cannot do it.”

The girl’s dejected look caused Diana to stand up and pace anxiously around the room. Since joining the throne war, the impersonator had not been performing. Diana initially thought little of it. Nevertheless, as time passed, she became aware of the importance of the impersonator.

Diana had vaguely noticed that since Lazer came in the Juan family, No. 3 has become more timid and nervous. Could it be… maybe it was just an illusion. Nonetheless, Diana did not want to exclude any possibility.

“What do you think of him?” asked Diana suddenly.

“He… is very strict, but he is also very conscientious in teaching me.”

“What else? How does he view the Juan family?”

No. 3 tried hard to think back, and realized that he had rarely expressed any thoughts on the Juan family, nor did he ever discuss any related matters with her. On the surface, he appeared to be a man of few words, the type of person that one could trust.

“He has not expressed any thoughts on the Juan family,” she replied.

“In other words, there is no indication of loyalty from him at all?”