Lazer’s eyes widened slightly. Something seemed to have hit him and brought him to his senses. However, he refused to let go of the girl.

“Is that worth you killing yourself?” he asked in a weak voice.

“Better than staying with you,” she stared at him, determined. At that moment, he was no longer a teacher to her but a human who posed a threat. “I believe that you value my life, but I do not trust your character. If you dare do it again—that is, take me away—be ready to pick up my corpse.”

Surprisingly, her threat seemed to work.

Although her threat may have been a nonsensical remark made out of impulse, it successfully intimidated him.

He got up and frowned. He sighed with a dignified look on his face before flicking his cloak and moving on.

“Forget it. Communicating with you is impossible.” That was the last thing he said.

—Is this my problem?

She was perplexed. Nonetheless, she still quietly distanced herself from him.

It did not matter what his reason was for taking her away now. If he wished to take her away against her wishes, then he was no different from Shaquille—This conclusion made her lose her last ounce of trust and respect for him and made her look at him with vigilance and hostility.

She gazed at his back with her clear eyes. Her conclusion forced her to stop acting cowardly and being dependent on him. It prompted her to build a wall around her heart.

They moved forward slowly and silently for ten minutes before finally seeing several mercenaries waiting from afar. The convoy was packed with manpower and weapons, which made her feel relieved.

One of the Juan family mercenaries stepped on Shaen’s dead body and waited for the two to approach.

“Miss, I am glad to see you safe and sound. You look well.”

“I am okay. Is that Shaen?” she asked, assuming the gesture expected of Diana.

“Oh, do not look, you will not like what you see. But please rest assured, we have kept his face intact.” A mercenary turned to look at Lazer, “Lazer, what should we do with his body?”

“Dump it at the market entrance. Someone will recognize him,” answered Lazer coldly.

“Understood, we will do just that. Let’s go our separate ways then, everyone,” said the mercenary, clapping his hands and pointing to a rickshaw. “Miss, I understand that this rickshaw may not be an ideal means of transportation, but please hop on.”

She nodded and sat down with the help of the mercenary. Lazer did not push the rickshaw but followed along with the other mercenaries from behind. Perhaps he was paying attention to the surroundings, or maybe he was following her order to keep his distance.

She secretly looked at his face again, trying to figure out what was on his mind by observing his actions. Nonetheless, she was so disconcerted that she could not think straight for the entire trip. The erratic relationship between him and her was like a gigantic wall and a violent storm that would sometimes catch her by surprise.

—There is no indication of loyalty from him at all?

She remembered what Diana had once asked.

—Not saying anything means that he has nothing to say.

The girl finally understood what Diana had meant.

Lazer Bernard did not trust anyone. It was that way before, the way it is now, and the way it will be in the future.

No matter how much goodwill she expressed, she was never going to find out the truth about him. He was only concerned with what he wanted. If that left her scattered and smashed, he wouldn’t even blink an eye.

If that was the way it was…

She didn’t need to worry about him anymore.