Soon after returning to the Juan family, the girl faced cruel reality again.

“Your injury is truly an eyesore, deformed hand,” said Diana bitterly.

“Sorry, I…”

Diana interrupted the girl with a cold slap.

The girl knew that she would be scolded for her wounds. She kneeled down on the carpet in her room, obediently waiting for her next punishment. Sure enough, when Diana walked into the secret room and saw the girl’s neck, her facial expression immediately changed. She strode to the girl and immediately slapped her.

The slap did not hurt and would not leave a mark; the tingling sensation quickly went away. Diana seemed to have finally learned how to slap properly after all these years. She shook her hand and snorted, showing obvious displeasure.

“Lazer told me everything, so you need not explain yourself. How stupid can you be to create such a scene at the port and be captured by Jharif’s people?” asked Diana, raising her eyebrows and increasing the rate at which she flapped the floor with her tail, trying hard not to yell.

“Yes, yes.”

“No, you are not stupid, because even stupid people could have done a better job than you,” Diana sat down on the bed and glared at the girl. “How is the injury?”

“The doctor said that it would not leave a scar…”

“Let me get this straight. I am not asking you this because I care about you,” said Diana, gritting her teeth. Seemingly having no place to direct her anger, she slapped the girl a few times more. “If you leave a scar on your face, I will be forced to wear a veil in addition to gloves. If you are truly sorry, you should turn yourself into an egg and never show up in front of me again!”

“I am really sorry, miss! I cannot turn myself back into an egg again, but I promise you that I will not make any more mistakes again!”

Diana closed her mouth and continued to stare at the girl condescendingly, as if she enjoyed playing her. It took a while before Diana finally showed a playful smile and let the girl go.

“Go. If my parents ask, I will tell them that it was me who did this to you.”

“Is that wise, miss?”

Diana snorted heavily, “Do you have a better suggestion?”

“… No,” said the girl, blinking blankly.

So Diana would rather shoulder the blame from her parents than to see Lazer and the girl’s reputation come to harm? The girl tilted her head, not sure if this was the correct way of interpreting the situation

“You were not the worst part of this whole thing; I know that Lazer was the reason why all this occurred,” said Diana suddenly. The girl soon realized that Lazer had told Diana everything.