“Lazer?” The girl was taken aback, not sure why the captain mentioned Lazer’s name. “No, he does not… Why do you ask?”

“Because I am waiting for him.”

“Waiting for him? Are you all in this together?” she asked, wide-eyed and in disbelief.

Pallan raised the corner of his mouth and did not reply. His eyes became cold and he began to show hostility towards her.

Suddenly, he extended his hand and fiercely pulled her right wrist. She screamed out in pain–tears of pain were streaming down her face. “Rope,” he said, stretching his arm towards Jharif.

“What are you going to do?” Jharif rummaged through the cabinet and found a thick rope.

“See if she is willing to cooperate with me. If she is, you can think about whether or not you want to keep her,” said Pallan casually as he tied her hands behind her back.

“Okay,” replied Jharif unwillingly. Although he was not crazy about Pallan’s idea, he accepted it.

“What… what is going on?”

“Diana, I have one goal and one goal only. If you cooperate, you will return home safely,” said Pallan in a slightly apologetic tone, as if it was not his intention to have her involved in this. “Cloth,” he reached out for Jharif again.

“What? What do you want me to do?” She yelled out in surprise. “Answer me! What are Lazer and you—” Her voice was muffled by the cloth in her mouth, allowing for nothing more than grunts to be heard.

“My apologies. Like I said, I don’t want to cause a commotion,” Pallan covered her face with her headscarf again.

As soon as he pulled her up—she was barely able to balance herself—two humans walked in without knocking on the door. They did not seem surprised by what they saw. How many humans like this are here? Is there a team of them… or an entire fleet? She thought about these questions as she twisted and panted in Pallan’s arms.

“We received a report from someone indicating that he had seen Lazer in the market, but he lost him. We are still waiting for the latest update.” The humans quickly realized the situation and spoke freely after Pallan indicated that it was okay to do so.

“So he is here? Looks like the intel from Shaquille was legit.” Pallan nodded. “Let’s take Diana away first and leave everything else for Jharif to sort out.”

“Yes, sir.”

—Lazer? What was he doing in the market?

She blinked and could not believe that Lazer would leave the Juan family at this time.

It was impossible for him to know that she girl had snuck out, and Diana said that she would cover up for the girl. In other words, Lazer was in the market for other reasons.

She was left with nothing but fear and confusion, almost forgetting that she had been captured. The two humans took her out of the office. While they walked, nobody stopped them or even paused to ask about her; she didn’t dare look where they were going…