“—Grab Diana!” Shaquille chased after Lazer and yelled. He deduced Lazer’s true intention and thus issued the command to his subordinates.

The girl had quietly left the battlefield during the scuffle and was fortunate to not have been harmed. The mercenaries hired by Shaen were indeed incompetent. Only Shaquille’s men were left standing in the battlefield. She saw Shaquille’s four remaining subordinates running towards her, obviously wanting to take her hostage again.

She was just thinking about what to do before hearing Lazer’s roar from a distance.

“No. 3! Answer me, what do you do to someone who learns about your identity?”

Her heartbeat accelerated; Lazer’s order was equivalent to that of the Juan family.

There was only one thing for her to do.

She spun and flicked her tail, slamming it at the lizard soldier closest to her. Although her hands were tied, she was able to move freely. She used her palms to force open the rope—she had been secretly trying to loosen the rope all this time, and was now able to break free with ease. As she broke free, she saw the shocked look on the soldier’s face and kicked his fragile abdomen. She touched the floor with her tail to allow her to jump forward repeatedly. She wrapped the soldier’s neck with her arm, grabbed his pointed mouth with her hand, applying force and breaking his neck easily.

She snatched the scimitar from the dead soldier’s hand and stooped to resist the pain coming from her tail. Her intention to kill was evident.

“The family head said—kill everyone who discovers the secret!” she cried out firmly as she held her weapon.

The other three lizards slowed down and watched her display her skilled combat movements in shock. Lazer, who had caught up to them by now, drew his hidden weapons and threw them at the lizards. The weapons failed to inflict wounds on them but forced them to pay attention to Lazer again. They tried to stop him from moving in while they moved towards the girl.

He threw a delicate, stone-sized rune device at the lizards and made sure that the girl saw it. She immediately closed her eyes. The rune device exploded in mid-air under his control, turning into a strong flash of light brighter than the sun. The lizard soldiers, who were unprepared for this kind of attack, yelled out in pain. The girl reopened her eyes and rushed towards them with her scimitar.

“Do not stop moving! Distance yourselves from them and continue wielding your weapons,” instructed the narrowed-eyed Shaquille, who was also surprised by the flash but was less affected, as he stood the farthest away.

The girl dropped her scimitar and got in front of one of the lizards before he could fully reopen his eyes. She poked his eyes out with her claws; this is one of the few ways to effectively injure lizards. She used this method instead of hitting them with her scimitar or claws because she was unsure whether she could hurt these thick-skinned lizard soldiers with them.

“Teacher, I can take care of this myself!” she exclaimed.

Lazer knew what she meant and immediately turned back to face Shaquille, preventing him from moving towards her—taking care of the rest would be easy as long as Shaquille was stopped.