“Good night, Lazer.”

She stood in front of Diana’s door to say goodbye to him. This time, she finally remembered to speak in a manner similar to that of Diana.

After confirming that no one else was around, he said coldly, “Tomorrow—”


“Come here early after class. We have to increase your combat training. If you are unable to successfully impersonate Diana, you must at least be able to fight in battles.”

She bit her lip. What Lazer said was irrefutable. “But, I do not know how late it will be after class…”

“You cannot do it or do not want to do it?”

Provoked by Lazer’s question, she finally showed a sense of liveliness and anger. Nonetheless, she quickly suppressed her emotions and reluctantly said, “Yes, I can.”

Despite not applauding her reaction, Lazer smiled, nodded, and left.

He turned his back on her, trying not to look at her eyes at this moment. By the time he reached the hall, he saw a group of lizard guards gathering around a corner and chatting loudly. They appeared to be loafing on their jobs. Lazer stood beside them watched them talk until they noticed him. They stopped talking and approached him looking fearful and on alert.

“What is going on?” asked Lazer.

“The family head just issued an order to get rid of a servant,” said one of the servants. “The servant sneaked out on the job one evening to meet someone, and claimed to do so because he received an order from a chef to purchase food ingredients.”

“Purchasing food ingredients in the evening?”

“Yes. It sounded suspicious. We immediately stopped him and found a letter on him. Later, the chef confirmed that what he said was a lie. Therefore, the family head agreed to get rid of him.”

Lazer narrowed his eyes. “Then why are you still talking about it here?”

“We are talking about the content of the letter, Sulayman insisted that it was an ordinary family letter, but Khalimu and I think that it was about a side job of his.” One of the guards approached Lazer, lowered his voice, and said, “Human, do you know that there are already people at the market who have paid a lot of money to learn about the Juan family? Our maids or guards who have been to the market must have all heard about it…”

“And after hearing about it, you guys come back to spread the news? That is really smart. It is actually hard for me to tell who is actually behind this.” Lazer’s thin lips lifted, and his cold eyes shocked everyone. They knew they were in the wrong so decided to remain quiet. Perhaps feeling that this was not enough, Lazer suddenly pulled out his dagger and pinned the lizard guard closest to him to the ground. He pushed his dagger into the soft flesh between his scales.


The guards took a step back, hesitating whether to draw their weapons to fight Lazer.

It is said that lizard demihumans have reflexes and speed superior to humans. Nonetheless, Lazer was able to knock a lizard demihuman to the ground before they could react. This skill of his made them instinctively afraid of him and unable to move.

Lazer snorted. The tip of the dagger moved along the surface of the soft flesh, and the lizard demihumans underneath could only beg for mercy.

“Everyone has weaknesses. The Juan family does, and so do you. What I am curious about is whether your weakness is money or death?” He continued to smile and observed their reactions. Once he was certain that they all heeded his warning, he stood up.

“Do not let me hear these rumors again or I will skin you.”

The hall fell into an unusual silence.

Lazer was not pleased. Instead, he was even more worried. Because what emerged in his head was the image of a little lizard girl who would tremble and cry. “Damn it, pull yourself together,” something that he wanted to yell at the girl countless times to try to force her to become a warrior who could take charge of a situation.

—Soon, the Juan family would face a true challenge.