Legend has it That the world was once pitch black. Humans were once the puppets of the giant dragon “Sdorica”. As a Watcher, how will you change this world…

The Book of Bequeathers can display all realities. So, take a careful look, because you are now a member of this splendid world as well.

Sun Capitol

A magnificent establishment sitting at the Kingdom of the Sun’s heart, and also a monument of royal authority. Within the castle and downtown areas live the noble families, all descendants of the dragon slayer Vendacti. Taking pride in such illustrious status, they choose to separate themselves from commoners with high walls. The Dragoneye Gem rests atop the castle’s summit, providing endless Soul Energy that serves as the driving force for rune devices nationwide.

Paradise Prairie

Vast plains as far as the eye can see, never a cloud lingering in the sky. Scattered around are stone tablets of all sizes, with ancestral wisdom carved upon their surfaces, mostly studied by Life Magic professors. Many villages tenderly refer to this place as homeland, where bandit groups come to claim territory every now and then among the tall grass. The remaining residents include creatures of mild temper; here lays the perfect grounds to sharpen skills and stock up on abundant resources.

Totemtaff Ridge

At the Kingdom of the Sun’s borders, is terrain riddled with colossal and complicated caves. Inhabited inside are tame creatures known as Golems, who live peacefully with the aboriginal bear tribes. Over time, gem rocks grow upon the backs of Golems, the only proof of their existence that dead golems leave behind, sparkling throughout the cave walls. The gem rocks from Totemtaff are the best materials for powering rune devices, often drawing the unsolicited attention of illegal miners.

Whistlewood Valley

Jungles of slinging and slithering purple vines. The stoma of plants whistle, sometimes weaving intricate melodies. A fog blankets the valley like a nursery, where flora breathe with the life of Soul Energy.
Panthers who have been present since ancient times, embrace nature into a coexisting lifestyle, following strict traditions passed down for generations.
But as the Rune Academy decided to establish their schools here for research purposes, a disruption was seen in the delicate ecosystem’s balance.
And thus, conflict between the Panthers and Rune Academy have never ceased…

Poleva Desert

Densely spotted by desert trees weighed with hanging fruit. These fruits are the thirst quenching pleasure for parched travelers constantly passing through the everlasting sandstorm. The Desert Bazaar can be found at the center of activity, where fortunes of exquisite treasures await.
At the other side of the Desert Bazaar, a host of mysterious lizard nobles live upon piles of coins and gems.
Many will ponder over for a lifetime on the ultimate game of Russian roulette: to be or not to be a visitor of the lizards……

Maple Lake

Secluded scenery straight out of a painting is Maple Lake embraced by red reeds and maple trees. Whenever a breeze softly caresses, fallen leaves take flight into the air to land gracefully upon the ground or water, sketching a magical mosaic detailed with various shades of red.
Over yonder in the middle, a small island comes into view with many creatures making their presence known with a splash. But dangers of the unknown lurk deep under the restful ripples. Should one not pay heed, a ferocious frogodile will emerge from behind the glass mirror and prey on any living being.
The already crimson tinted lake, is often further darkened with another bloodstained pigment of murder……

Atlas Ruins

Used to be a flourishing harbor by the sea where wealth sunbathed on its docks. The crescent shaped land envelopes Dragoneye Lake in its warm embrace. Under the glistening surface are sparkling remains of this city’s golden history, a forgotten past when Crystals were frequently panned from the lake. When the Dragoneye Gem was forcefully removed from its eternal resting spot, a massive eruption ensued, marking the beginning of Atlas’ downfall. Due to this event, streets lay in silence as time seemingly comes to a dead stop. Washed by grief and stripped of life, this is a dangerous place for common folk, as the only thing to be seen is dust in the wind and monsters weaving through buildings in a fatal game of hide and seek.