During this time, they did not engage in conversation and the surrounding environment was surprisingly quiet. Lazer looked at her deliberate silence and could not help but ask her a question that had been on his mind.

“Were you really trying to impersonate miss when you were in class today?”

She squeezed the water ball tightly in fear and dared not to nod. “Why do you ask?” she asked nervously.

“You seemed too relaxed to be impersonating someone today.”

“… I am sorry.”

“For what?”

“For failing to impersonate miss properly.”

“What I meant to say was, why were you so relaxed in front of Hassad?”

She began to worry, but knew that it was no use lying to Lazer. If she was not frank with her answers, he would get to the bottom of them. “Because Hassad’s story was so fascinating, and he was always kind to me, so I…”

“He was kind to you for you or for Miss Diana?”

“What difference does it make?” She contested.

“Hmm…” he thought deeply for a while, then waved at the girl. “Come.”


She stood up and walked towards him, stopping in front of him and looking at him nervously. Lazer kicked her lower body, causing her to lose her balance and fall to the ground. She was only paying attention to Lazer’s hand movements and failed to notice his feet. Now, she had a mouthful of sand.

“Are you a fool?” He stared at the girl on the ground. His voice, though monotonous, revealed apparent anger. “Just a few kind words are able to make you relax and drop your guard?”

“Oof—” She got up but was immediately thrown over the shoulder by him, falling back down on the sand again.

“Get up. Regardless of the attack, you must get up immediately. What have I taught you?”

“Yes…! I am really sorry!” She immediately stood up and kneeled in front of him, waiting for her next punishment in fear.

He glanced at her. He had wanted to continue his punishment, but her pitiful look made him stop and sigh in compassion. He turned his back on her and fell into a deep thought.

“Did you…” He held his forehead in one hand, looked down, and spoke in a husky and suppressed tone. “Did you decide to sacrifice your life for this family because of the family head’s kindness to you?”

“The family head? It had nothing to do with him,” she looked up at Lazer’s back view, appearing dazzled.

“I know, but I never asked you about the reason why you decided to become miss’ double.”

“The family head has been very kind to me. They saved me from the ghetto, took good care of me, raised me, and truly cared about me… so it makes sense that I sacrifice my life for them,” said her rigidly as if she was reciting an answer.

Lazer narrowed his eyes in irritation. “I see. You are still very young so are naive to think that the world will not hurt you. Listen, this is the real difference between you and miss. She knows full well that she can trust no one in this world while you are silly enough to believe that others help you out of gentleness or love.”

She squeezed the water ball and curled up.