“Those who have betrayed once will do it again.” He glared at her, his tone beginning to sound rude. “Why do you think Lazer wants to ingratiate your parents so much? Have you really no doubts? Why is a mid-level human soldier your personal bodyguard? Humans are masters of deception. They are good at cheating, manipulating, and are despicable. Once they earn your trust, they will use it to do anything.”

The girl took a deep breath and was stunned by Shaquille’s rare and serious expression.

She recalled the times when Lazer was with her. He was gloomy, manipulative, and more indirect and cruel compared with lizard demihumans in the sense that he did not use mere force to decide victory, which was what they were accustomed to doing. There was nothing glorious and dignifying about what he did. That was why he was difficult to deal with—he was not a warrior, but rather a pure killer.

It was not hard to imagine where his notoriety among lizard demihumans came from, but…

“He will not betray me.”

“And why is that?”

“Because he truly cares about the Juan family. It is not something that traitors like you could understand.”

She looked back at Shaquille with sham courage, her tone strongly determined. She did not want someone like Shaquille to drive a wedge between her and Lazer. Whether Lazer was worth trusting, she would see for herself.

Shaquille was surprised as he did not expect her to react this way. He stayed quiet for a while before opening his mouth with an astonished look on his face.

“I thought visiting the Haliph family head was the stupidest thing you have ever done,” Stunned, he looked at the girl and was hit with a sudden thought. “I see… You two are together, aren’t you?”

“What!?” She was shocked to see how her reaction had been misinterpreted.

“I totally get it. It is embarrassing to talk about it. Carmelo loves his human slaves. I have suspected that he plays with female human slaves… Maybe you inherited this trait of his? I should have known.”

“How dare you be so disrespectful,” she raised her voice and screamed, her countenance instantly changed. “Shaquille! How could you have that kind of idea in your head? This is outrageous!”

“Why not? He is a mere bodyguard, let alone human. For you to trust him so wholeheartedly is unusual. If you did not tell me otherwise, I would have imagined that he was there to warm your bed for you. Hahahaha!” He laughed again out of joy. The girl gritted her teeth and was furious.

“Shut up and take it back! You are not allowed to humiliate us like this!” She pointed her fingers at him angrily.

“It is hard to imagine otherwise. After all, it is common among royal families to be sexually precocious. Maybe you are one too… No? So which one is it?” He grabbed her slender wrist with ease. The silver ring made a crisp sound. She gulped. His playful smile caused her to turn white and shiver in fear. He was incredibly strong and could easily break her hand. She soon realized the type of lizard demihuman who was standing in front of her.

“Let… go!”

“Okay,” Shaquille let go of her obediently, looking extremely proud.

She pulled her arms back in pain and saw the provocative look on his face. She felt unresigned and reached her hands out to grab him outside of the cage. He avoided her hands and laughed jubilantly, “Come get me, come get me,” he beckoned to her, grinning from ear to ear. A courtier outside the tent came in and observed the scene with an awkward and confused look.