She arrived early for her morning basic knowledge class. Nevertheless, the maids had arrived even earlier than she did and had already replaced the old roses with new ones. The roses were found in vases as well as used as decorations on casement windows. The flower buds bloomed by the time the class started, spreading faint floral fragrance across the room.

Like before, Lazer kept his distance and stayed in one corner of the classroom. In the beginning, she was stressed by his presence. However, as the lizard demihuman teacher entered, she told herself not to be bothered by his presence. “I am Miss Diana now, and Miss Diana would not be bothered by his presence,” she kept reminding herself.

“Mr. Carmelo wanted me to give you another lesson on the history of the royal family, is that true?” asked Hassad as soon as he walked in. He sounded puzzled despite showing no emotions on his lizard face.

“Is there a problem?” she asked, taking a deep breath.

He unfolded his hands and asked “When was the last time you studied the history of the royal family?”

“I do not remember anymore,” she said casually, as she never talked to Diana about this.

“It seems a little late now if you do not have this remembered by heart yet… Never mind, it is okay.”

—The true Diana would have memorized all of this long ago.

As Diana’s double, she was not required to know any of this; she merely had to talk and look like her. However, after learning that No. 3 came from a ghetto, Diana began to nitpick, insisting that No. 3 learn about basic etiquette as well as general knowledge of her family and its history.

Nonetheless, she later discovered that Diana was right to insist on this. Diana’s love for history and literature was something that was known even to servants in the family. If the girl did not “do her homework”, her cover would be blown when interacting with the other nobles.

“In any case, reviewing the history of the royal family will be very beneficial to me, as any newly acquired knowledge can be combined with old knowledge for inspiration,” she used the line that she had practiced in her heart for a long time and smiled gently.

“Haha, miss has always had a way with words. Let us begin,” Hassad chuckled from amusement, and did not seem to mind her answer.

Hassad, a young lizard demihuman, was the fourth teacher hired by the family head to teach No. 3 exclusively. It is said that Hassad was a civilian found in a school. Because his status was lower than that of nobles, nobody would be held accountable if he were to die in the noble family.

In addition to teaching etiquette, Hassad also taught mythology, religion, and the history of various families, allowing No. 3 to quickly prepare herself for the throne war. Before today, Hassad had not met the real Diana; the only times he saw her were when they passed by each other around the house.

If the girl’s cover was blown… that was when Lazer would come in.

The family head once explained that the fewer people who knew about the shadow guard plan, the better. Therefore, aside from the few trusted servants who were responsible for taking care of her daily life, nobody knew about this plan.

The girl worked hard to become a good impersonator so that no innocent lives would be sacrificed because of her failure. Hassad was not aware of this and focused on teaching her everything he knew in an effort to show the nobles his usefulness and abilities.