“How is life in the Desert Kingdom, Lazer?” said two shadows.

Lazer found himself standing between two long shadows stretched by the setting sun. The sunlight fell obliquely into the room, blurring the facial features of two lizard demihumans and creating two symmetrical shadows.

“Pretty much the same. Living in the Desert Kingdom or the Sun Kingdom makes little difference to me.”

“Nonsense. It must be different,” said a lizardman gently, hidden in his shadow, smirking.

“If you really wish to know, one thing is different, sir.”

“What is it?”

“I find the environment rather harsh here.”

“I would imagine so. I have heard about the soft prairies, endless rivers, and rich land in the human kingdom. Just hearing about it makes one envious, wouldn’t you say?” said the other shadow.

“Therein lies the difference,” said Lazer, smirking, “With the Desert Kingdom, what you see is what you get. Unfortunately, you can’t say the same about the human kingdom.”

“I think you may just have a point there,” said the two shadows, laughing.” “You are absolutely right. Deception is a skill, and this skill of yours is the reason why we get along. After all, this war has been delayed for five long years; it is time to devise a different strategy.”

“Thank you for your understanding, sir.”

“Do not take this the wrong way, General Lazer. Our meeting is no accident; your skills caught our attention as early as a few years back. With everything now on track, and your strong feelings towards the Juan family, I feel that this may be the best time for us to work together.”

Lazer remained quiet and smiled faintly.

This was because that he knew that any more reactions from him would raise their suspicion.

A human army deserter who joined the lizard demihuman army and gained his status by killing human soldiers and assassinating the king. Wouldn’t this disloyal quality of his come back to hurt the family?

Lazer was certain that the Juan couple contemplated this when inviting him to their house. Now, having stayed with the Juan family for over half a year, he believed that the couple were still pondering this question.

“Whatever the reason, I hope that it is good for our future,” said a shadow, speaking up once more.

“Rest assured,” said Lazer sincerely, lowing his head, “You have given more than I could ever ask for, whether it be status or trust. I am willing to sacrifice my life to fulfill my duties.”

Lazer knew that he got them with this humble attitude. They did not make any comments but were seen nodding.

This is the key to deception. Sometimes, sugarcoating facts with lies can be as convincing as complete honesty, if not more.

He really would sacrifice his life to fulfill his duties; however, what the duties were… well that was up for debate.