“She is gone.”

Diana got right to the point after Lazer called him into her room.

There was no change in his facial expressions upon hearing this. In fact, he carefully examined the girl in front of him to determine whether she was the real Diana—he soon realized that she was. That cold and arrogant attitude was not one that the girl could mimic.

“You sent her away?”

“She wants to make contributions, so I gave her the opportunity to do so. She is probably heading towards the port to find out what Jharif is up to,” Diana leaned against a chair and spoke in a calm and sharp manner that was uncharacteristic of people her age. “Do you have anything you want to tell me, Lazer?”

“If that is what you decided to have her do, I have nothing to say.”

“Great. Then off you go,” Diana said as she shrugged.

Lazer did not move but spoke slowly. “However, I will have to answer to the family head should your reputation be damaged. ‘Diana’ is, after all, not a spy who can handle everything on her own. If she impersonates you and makes mistakes, that will shock the other families. When this happens, me leaving the room will not be enough to solve the problem.”

Diana smiled, as if she was waiting for Lazer to say this.

“It is okay if her identity is exposed.”

“I do not understand. How does this help you?”

“Do you think that Jharif wants to grow the guild to control the kingdom’s economy and thereby the royal family? Or does he want to become a spy for the Kingdom of the Sun to intervene in the throne war? To me, the latter is more serious.” She stood up, swaying her long tail gracefully. “If he is guilty of either, me having a bodyguard who looks like me will not be much of a big deal.”

Lazer frowned; he could not keep his composure anymore.

“What exactly did you ask her to do?”

“If she cannot find evidence, manufacture it.” Diana spread her hands. “I am ready. Whether she fails her mission or not, Jharif will be viewed as our biggest enemy during the throne war. I will use this opportunity to create chaos and change the rules of the war—For example, having Jharif colluding with the Kingdom of the Sun is a good excuse.”

“… But this is tantamount to sending your body double to die,” Lazer restrained himself from feeling helpless, and humbly lowered his head. “Please let me go to the port, at least I can make sure that she accomplishes her mission.”

“That will not be necessary. Your job is to stay with the Juan family and protect me,” said Diana, smiling triumphantly. “Any more questions?”

“Yes. Why did you tell me these things?”

She kept her smile, which looked cruel as she spoke in a cold voice. “You not only taught her things, but me as well.” She stroked her neck. There was still a trace of unevenness in the area where Lazer had injured her, which could only be felt when she touched it.


“You should know that our family is the least powerful among the families that remain. The Juan family does not hold many trump cards, so disrupting the pace of other candidates and catching them off guard is vital,” she said with a sinister look in her eyes, “I must survive before I can think about the continuation of our kingdom. Lazer, it really is important to survive. We are one of the same.”

Lazer was speechless. He knew that she had always distrusted him. After all, all previous instructors had always proven unreliable. Additionally, he was a human who was both famous and notorious. In order to protect the girl, he had worked hard to cooperate with the Juan family. He did not expect Diana to come in the way at this time, endangering the girl’s life.

Lazer clenched his fists, unable to suppress his rage. He gritted his teeth and asked, “What do you want me to do?”

Diana tried to hold back her tumultuous emotions. Her face still looked cold.

“Stay here, do not go anywhere.”

Lazer did not hesitate.

He violently pushed open the door without saying goodbye, and quickly walked towards the end of the corridor.

At that moment, she seemed to have finally seen through him, or, to be exact, she finally confirmed her suspicion—Lazer did not come to the Juan family for the Juan family; he came to the Juan family for the girl.

After realizing this, Diana squeezed her hand subconsciously, as if she had tightened an invisible rein.

“Or…” Her whisper made him stop abruptly.

“—Have you heard of spying on a spy?”