I wonder if everyone was satisfied with the Lazer novel? After long discussions with Rayark and getting to know each other, we finalized the direction of the story and spent a lot of time completing the novel.

I would like to thank Rayark and their Script Writing Department for their effort and everything they’ve done during this time. It’s all thanks to their brilliant storyline and character design that I was able to flesh out the spirit of these characters and allow them shine in a unique way throughout this novel!

There were lots of great scenes throughout the story: tail chasing, banquets, egg smashing, the hatchery, and more. I found myself enjoying so many of them, but my favorite passage would have to be Lazer’s criticism of William and Theodore in chapter nine. For me, the emotions here were first established in -before sunset- Theodore, and were brought to a close in -before mirage- Lazer. Both William and Theodore had their own motivations and emotions, working hard for a future they imagined. However, the work they put forth was dangerous and even evil from the perspective of some. I was really happy to be able to display the orientation of different characters from Lazer’s perspective.

Besides this, I hope this novel allowed everybody to get a feel for the inner world of Lazer; to see how his spirit had been broken through war; to understand why he has such a biased, crazed perspective in season two.

To allow players from all over the world enjoy the novel, we specifically chose to release it in serial form on the internet. If everybody liked this method, feel free to let Rayark and me know. Any discussion or thoughts on the script is energy for us to keep moving forward!

Season three is almost here, where the worldview of Sdorica will continue to expand to the East Alliance. As for what sparks shall fly between characters new and old, even I can hardly wait. Please continue to support Rayark’s game and their script writers. Let’s join hands and continue to make even more wonderful stories together!