They returned to Diana’s room and were getting ready for the evening activities. These activities would be much easier to go through than the banquet. Because of the girl’s performance, the Juan couple would not have to work as hard during the afternoon social activities now.

“How did you come up with that move?” Lazer could not help but ask when there was no one around.

“I had a sudden urge to slash him,” she said, half-jokingly.

He smiled, an unusual act that made his rigid face warmer-looking. She then realized that from a human’s point of view, Lazer’s smile might be attractive. She knew that the human servants in the family often talked about him, especially about his appearance. Although she did not appreciate humans’ aesthetic taste, she could sort of understand why they were captivated by him.

She lowered her head and pulled the veil gently using her fingertips, trying not to let him find out that she was staring at him.

“Teacher, does this mean that I am qualified to continue as a double?”

Lazer smiled slightly, still speaking in a soft tone. “Like I said, it is completely up to you.”

“Teacher…” She blushed quietly, summoning up the courage to ask the following question, “Please correct me if I am wrong, but… are you always this hard on me so that I can improve?”

“No, being hard is my personality, so it is not just to you. The reason why I was not optimistic about your performance as a double was merely my conclusion based on the results of our comprehensive training.”

“I see. That is what I thought…”

“Nonetheless, you may be the type that excels when you are put in difficult situations,” Lazer murmured to himself, as if trying to remember something. “In addition to your performance at the banquet, you were the same way when you faced those assassins. Perhaps this is a unique quality of yours.”

“Unique quality?”

His eyes revealed complex emotions.

She was never able to understand the ways he looked at her. Most of the time, he looked irritated or furious. However, occasionally—she was not sure if she was imagining this—he would relax his shoulders when there was nobody around, no longer maintaining his alertness. She would find his attractive eyes staring directly at her. Nevertheless, his eyes also seemed to suggest that he was drifting away in his thoughts.

Those were the only moments that he revealed his dazzling, tender eyes.

She did not know what was on his mind when he looked like this. Nonetheless, when he did, it a sparked a sense of warmness and familiarity in her, as if they had known each other for a long time.

Was that tender emotion directed at her or Diana?

The girl did not dare to confirm this, and felt that it was unnecessary to do so.

This was not something that she needed to know.