The girl tried to lift her trembling body off the ground but was unsuccessful. She watched Lazer stand up to Shaquille alone to prevent him from delivering her the final blow. Lazer dashed into Shaquille’s arms at full speed, using his sword to deflect Shaquille’s razor-sharp claws.

Lazer had been waiting for Shaquille to drop his scimitar.

Lizards, who are generally overly confident in their ability to fight, never prepare additional weapons on top of the one they are carrying. This is because they have claws, and that using their claws is sometimes even more convenient than using their weapons.

This was what Lazer had been waiting for; an opportunity to get close to Shaquille.

A clash between Lazer’s sword and Shaquille’s claws ensued. Shaquille hummed and growled from time to time, throwing his hands at Lazer with almost no pause in between. Not using the heavy scimitar made it easier for Shaquille to maintain his balance and flexibility. When Lazer was no longer able to fend off Shaquille’s attacks, Shaquille swung his tail and hit Lazer on the wrist, causing Lazer to drop his sword.

Lazer clenched his fists and squatted alertly as he faced Shaquille head-on.

“Let me see what there is left for you to do without your sword!” Shaquille opened his right hand and fought with Lazer. Each one of Shaquille’s attacks created a wind-like sound and contained enough power to rip Lazer’s chest open. Lazer evaded Shaquille’s attacks as close to Shaquille as possible; he had to avoid fighting Shaquille in close quarters while trying to be close enough for a secret attack.

Next, Lazer’s hidden weapon flashed as he attacked Shaquille. Shaquille blocked the attack, but Lazer continued the onslaught by pressing the back of his hand against Shaquille’s wrist and scraping it forcefully. The attack was successful. The hidden blade that Lazer concealed between his fingers was able to cut Shaquille’s hand open.

The intense pain and numbness overwhelmed Shaquille and caused him to pull his hand back and roar in pain. He stood stiffly, unable to move and clench his trembling hand. “Grab him!” Lazer ordered the girl, who immediately grabbed Shaquille’s other hand from behind. Lazer swung the sword at Shaquille’s other hand, severing its tendons. Shaquille kneeled on the ground in pain. Despite maintaining his fighting spirit, just trying to stop himself from screaming exhausted every ounce of Shaquille’s remaining energy.

Lazer gasped and was streaming with sweat. He dared not to relax for a moment and rested the blade against Shaquille’s throat, which now was drenched in cold sweat. Lazer stared at Shaquille’s ghastly pale face.

“You… ah…!”

“You lost.” The girl willingly stepped on Shaquille’s tail to prevent him from carrying out any possible surprise attack. He was unable to move due to the pain caused by his severed tendons.

“Damn it… Damn it! Answer me, are you really not Diana? Then to whom did I propose to earlier?” Shaquille breathed heavily and gave her an angry look.

“You proposed to her?” Lazer sounded surprised.

“None of your business, chameleon! Are you jealous?”

Lazer did not answer Shaquille’s question but kicked him hard in the abdomen. The kick was so powerful that it made Shaquille cringe in pain and unable to speak.