There are many markets in the Desert Kingdom, including the “Art Gallery”. The Art Gallery earned its name for selling exclusively carpets and fabrics. The display of handmade carpets with magnificent patterns in shops and streets mades the market look like an art exhibition.

Covered by buildings semi-submerged in the ground, the Art Gallery connected the city square and city streets together. The tip of its arched dome was hollowed out to allow natural sunlight in, which resembled the Snake God offering its grace. However, over time, dirt accumulated on the buildings, preventing various corners from being exposed to sunlight. These corners became less approachable and were frequently used to conduct illicit activities.

Lazer sent other Juan family mercenaries after Shaquille’s team while he paid a visit to the Art Gallery. The reasons for his visit were that there were people here that only he knew, and being temporarily separated from No. 3, that was good for both him and her.

He wore a cloak long enough to be dragged across the floor and a hood decorated with a pointed design on the top. These clothing items made it difficult for people to identify his race. He walked through the market quickly with a gloomy face.

His instincts told him that Shaquille had to be dealt with, and that it was not just him that had to be dealt with.

He stopped in front of a fabric shop to look at its exquisite fabrics woven with complex geometric patterns, interlaced colors of purple and pink, and gold rim inlays. Craftmanship comparable to that of art had become popular in recent years. Nonetheless, it is impossible to make ends meet by selling fabrics alone.     “Sir, what would you like?” asked an old lizard demihuman as he stood up inside his narrow shop.

    “Are there fabrics with a pattern similar to this one?” Lazer touched a bundle of fabric.

    “Yes, are there specific colors that you would like?”

    “I want it in the gray color that even the Shrine does not have.”

    The old lizard demihuman blinked and his facial expression remained still. “The fabrics that you are looking for are inside, follow me.”

Lazer followed him deep into the shop. After pushing open a secret door, the first thing that caught his eye was a warehouse filled with layers and layers of packaged goods. Inside this warehouse was another secret door, which led to a colorful private casino.

The Oasis Casino, the largest casino in the Desert Kingdom, is the kingdom’s only legal casino. All other casinos are illegal, low-key, and much smaller in scale. The casino was already filled with customers who had come in from different entrances. The entrances through which they came in symbolized their social statuses. Lazer only knew that those coming in from the main entrance were “fish,” while the rest were “sharks.”

The old lizard demihuman closed the door and returned to his shop, leaving Lazer alone.

Customers were found in every square gambling table, and some sat in corner sofas hugging women and talking to them. Smoking hookahs was allowed here. In fact, even dealers smoked them from time to time. Lazer walked through the bar and smoky gambling area and found a seat at one of the empty tables. He removed his hood—deliberately concealing his race in a place like this was laughable—after all, race is irrelevant in front of a gambling table as those with money are respected, regardless of their race. This was a rare in the Desert Kingdom, which placed a great value on social status.

  “Sorry to keep you waiting, Mr. Chameleon,” said a female lizard demihuman as she walked towards him. She was dressed in a bright red tulle and was beautiful to look at. She had long black hair tied with a ribbon hanging in front of her chest and a deliberately dyed tail tied with a silver bell. When she swung her tail gently, it created a pleasant sound.

“I have already removed my hood,” said Lazer, frowning.

“But you have not removed your armor, have you?” she said, slipping her fingertips boldly across his chest, stroking the scales underneath the robe. Before he lost his temper, she withdrew her hand and sat down gracefully. “Looks like that you are in a terrible mood today; I will stop teasing you.”