Hassad’s class in the afternoon went rather smoothly.

They sat on a gorgeous carpet, surrounded by a new batch of roses in colors different from those of before. Filled with floral fragrance that could calm the body and mind, the girl was in high spirits and focused on listening to his lecture.

“Have you thought about life after becoming the queen, miss?”

“What do you mean?”

“Nothing, just that our class is nearing the end and that it is time to wrap it up,” said he with an elated look on his face as he raised his tail in joy. “I wanted to ask miss today, what kind of queen do you want to become, and what you think a queen should be.”

No. 3 suddenly realized that this was a difficult question to answer.

Not only was she unfamiliar with the idea of queens, but she was also uncertain about Diana’s thoughts on queens. Additionally, she was unsure about to what extent she could disclose this information to him.

She looked up and glanced at Lazer with the corner of her eyes, suddenly blurting out an answer that surprised even herself.

“A queen is—a killer.”

She sat upright and gave him a contemptuous smile, as Diana would. “Isn’t this an obvious fact? As a queen, you have the power over the life and death of your people; you can formulate laws that work to your advantage; and change the future of the kingdom with the words that come out of your mouth. Robbers rob in deserts for food and clothing that last a short period of time; businessmen exploit markets but are only able to make ends meet after paying their taxes; and nobles, despite their wealth, are people who sacrifice others in exchange for higher statuses. However, the number of people harmed by these people does not compare to that harmed by a king.”

Hassad squeezed the book in his hand without saying anything.

“Therefore, the queen is also the person with the most sins in a kingdom. They must, at the very least, make up for their sins by lifting people out of poverty, making the kingdom a better place, and ensuring that people no longer suffer from unreasonable systems.”

“… You are absolutely right.”

“It seems that I have surprised you just now.”

“No… maybe … maybe a little… But this is you,” Hassad touched his forehead and squeezed out a few laughs. “That was unexpected. But to be exact, how should you achieve the goals you have laid out? This is the question that I really want to ask.”

“They cannot be achieved,” she blinked.